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David Aldridge

TNT Analyst

Guest Tip: Closeness in pros often more fiction than fact

Howdy. I have to clear my brain for a couple of weeks after the long, long NBA/Olympic season, but while I'm on vacation, we've lined up...

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Steve Aschburner

NBA coaches examine possible rule changes

The NBA's head coaches annual meetings in Chicago had an international flavor....

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Fran Blinebury

Harden focused on leading team after tough season

The door swung open and James Harden burst into the room in full song as he made his way to the podium on media day. A far cry from a ye...

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Scott Howard-Cooper

Kerr tempers expectations as team prepare to mesh new pieces

Steve Kerr kept using phrases Wednesday like "experimental" and "The fans should not be focused on how many wins we get" and "We've got a...

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Shaun Powell

30 Teams in 30 Days: Hornets minor tinkering keeps franchise on track

Since the Cavaliers won their first NBA title back on June 19, NBA teams have undergone a number of changes over the long summer offseaso...

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Craig Sager


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John Schuhmann

Sean Marks sees Nets rebuild as a collaborative effort

The NBA is a copycat league and no franchise has been borrowed from more over the last 20 years than the San Antonio Spurs....

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Sekou Smith

Hang Time Blog

Ian Thomsen

All-Star Millsap continues to quietly go about his work

Paul Millsap is like the movie stars who speak a little and do a lot. Liam Neeson. Clint Eastwood. John Wayne....

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Lang Whitaker

All Ball Blog