November 17th, 2008Coaches
Name: Jose H. Banday (Male Drills Participant)
School: Jara Martiniz High School Quezon City (District IV)
Coaching Experience: 12 Years
Quote: I like Coach Frank Lopez, he is one of the best if not the best coach and to think that the likes of Benjie Paras, Jolly Escobar, Joey Guanio and Jigs Mendoza are also there to support the Jr. NBA program really inspires me to be better. I will never forget this.
Name: Adoracion A. Ramiro (Female Drills Participant)
School: Paraaque National High School
Coaching Experience: 5 years coaching Girls basketball Team
Quote: Though time is very limited, and I wish there will be more, the Jr. NBA program honed all the fundamentals of the sport.
Name: Marie Liza Yzai Alvarez
School: Notre Dame of Greater Manila
Coaching Experience: 3 years coaching, 4 years playing basketball
Quote: The coaches clinic is awesome. It is nice to know that Jr. NBA takes time to extend knowledge to Filipino coaches for free. I am very much privileged to be part of the Jr. NBA program and looking forward to the success of basketball in the school through the help of this coaches clinic. Keep it up! God Bless! I also think that Coach Frank is a great educator even us coaches were greatly moved by him. More power to him!
November 24th, 2008Manila Coaches
Name: Nazareno P. Bautista
School: Saint Jude Catholic School
Coaching Experience: 5 Years
Quote: This tremendous event made us to see clearer view of Philippine Basketball in the future, filled our heart with affection to teach youth and guide them into the right path towards healthy lifestyle and gained new ideas that will surely help us. Congratulations for a job well done!
Name: Danilo C. Carpio
School: Sta. Teresa Elementary School
Coaching Experience: 3 years
Quote: I say both the program and the Coach Frank are amazing and spectacular. This seminar elevates and upgrades more basketball techniques and adds more coaching abilities to us. Congratulations, keep up the good work and more power to you.
November 24th, 2008Cebu Coaches
Name: Julius Caballero
Coaching Experience: 6 Years
Quote:I think this is the first time that a coaching event this huge has come to Cebu. We are all privileged that Jr.NBA has instated here a total basketball development program for the youth. And the best thing is that it is for free and not just for the rich schools and all.
Name: Jonathan Saso
Coaching Experience: 3 years
Quote: The question of what is your motivation for coaching really hit me. Yes winning is one thing but as Coach Frank Lopez said it is not everything. Now I see the power and responsibility that I have as a coach especially coaching at the kids' level when all their fundamentals and attitude will be formed. Being a good coach does not necessarily mean you are the winniest one but at least you influence your team to a better path in basketball.
Name: Rabboni Rosito
Coaching Experience: 7 years
Quote: Going back to the basic is the best way to start any development in basketball. Whether you are small or tall what matters is your love and respect for the game. Everyone has part in this game and not just the players on the hard court ' from the parents to the team mates to the coaches and officials ' and we all share a common passion for it.
November 24th, 2008Jr. NBA Coaches
Name: Coach Frank Lopez
Quote: Everything in this program is not from me nor is it for me. Basketball was here and will be here when all of us here are gone. What I am sharing in this clinic is the fact that I have lived basketball ' don't get me wrong but basketball is not just the game you see on the hard court, nor does it end when a team wins or loses. It is the respect, passion and love of the game and these attitudes are the ones you can use in your life ' basketball has ups and downs and so is life, you will be better through hard work in basketball and so in your life, your team is your foundation your family is your team in life. I may not be the best player or the best coach but basketball is not about winning it is how you play the game.
Name: Coach Al Solis (on the Jr. NBA Coaches Clinic)
Quote: This is a very different coaching clinic in that it is more like 'back to the basics' kind of approach which most of us tend to forget. With Coach Frank's experience you can really feel his passion, love and respect for the game. With this Jr.NBA approach most of us now see a game as not about winning or losing but building a better coach, parent and kid in the process altogether. If you miss this clinic, you miss a lot.
Name: Coach Elmer Cabahug
Quote: It is a grassroots program and these coaches will benefit from it. This is a good way for us to improve our young players. It is also a very rare chance and since it is for free, they should join it. It is my privilege to be a part of Jr. NBA and to share my experience of playing and coaching the game with these mentors who come not just from Cebu but from the neighboring provinces as well. All of them for the benefit of the youth.
December 1st, 2008Manila Coaches
Name: Vilma O. De Torres
School: Para'aque National High School Main
Coaching Experience: 4 Years
Quote: The coaches clinic will be a great help for us coaches. It encourages us not just to be an effective coach but to be an effective teacher. The new drills featured will be ways for promoting highly skilled players. The speakers, especially Coach Frank Lopez enlightened us greatly. Super!
Name: Francisco 'Ringo' Borlain
School: De la Salle University/College of Saint Benilde (High School)
Coaching Experience: 15 years
Quote: Great Experience! I wish we had more time to listen to Coach Frank Lopez. It is the best basketball coaching clinic that I have attended so far. I believe this will create greater awareness and skill to our coaches.
Name: Ramon S. Reyes
School: Tangos National High School
Coaching Experience: 10 years
Quote: Tremendous new drills techniques. All drills are very effective to enhance dribbling, passing and rebounding skills of kids.
Name: Paolo Rivero
School: Casa Del Ni'o Montessori School, Isabela
Coaching Experience: 10 years
Quote: When we learned about Jr. NBA Open Clinic in the papers and on TV, we made immediate preparations to go down to Manila and participate. We left Isabela at 8 p.m. Saturday and got to the mall at 7 a.m. Sunday. My players want the NBA exposure and the experience, so we were willing to make the sacrifice. Jr. NBA really helps the young kids and by the look of things many parents appreciate the aim of Jr. NBA to spread the game and enjoyment of basketball. Especially since my players are my sons also, I really encouraged them to participate.
Name: Coach Rudy Enterina
Quote: There is nothing more to add, Jr. NBA is the most comprehensive program I've experienced wherein it will not just be about talent or skills but attitude, love and respect for the game and not just of the players but the parents and coaches as well. Total ' that would be the word for it.
Name: Coach Jolly Escobar
Quote: The biggest problem that this clinic addresses is the notion that a talented player is everything in basketball. The approach of this program which is to inspire coaches to teach kids how the game is played, to get their parents involved and supportive of the ways of the game and the players to develop sportsmanship, teamwork, positive attitude and respect of the game. This way a complete and grounded kid and not just a talented and winning oriented player can become a reality.
Name: Coach Ronnie Magsanoc
Quote:First things first, a good player does not necessarily become a good coach, but a good coach necessarily produce better players. It may not be talent-wise but a player through guidance will be founded and respectful of the game of basketball. Instilling the fundamentals and attitudes to coaches is like teaching a community how to fish and not just giving them fish which after a while will be lost. And hand in hand with the parents, the basketball community will greatly benefit from this one of a kind program. Frankly speaking, it is hard to gather all of these people together ' from the local coaches to the staff and the participants. Add to it the fact that it is handled by Coach Frank Lopez, who has long years of experience from NBA, the league which connotes excellence in every aspect of the game, the impact of this to the sport in our country will be momentous.
December 15th, 2008Jr. NBA Coaches
Name: Joselito P. Turbanada
School: Rivera Village Elementary School
Coaching Experience: 1 Year
Quote: Nice job. The strategies and techniques demonstrated, showed us that to be a good coach you have to teach by communicating with your team. I learned a lot in this program. More power to Jr. NBA.
Name: Robbniel S. Sedilla
School: Dalandanan National High School, Valenzuela City
Coaching Experience: 5 Years
Quote: Jr. NBA is very comprehensive and helpful for us coaches. It will benefit both coaches and players particularly in public schools like ours since most clinics have fees but this one is free. Coach Frank Lopez is very efficient and his choice of topics is so interesting. I really do hope that this will be done regularly.
Name: Enrique M. Leabres
School: Tugatog Elementary School, Valenzuela City
Coaching Experience: 5 Years
Quote: Jr. NBA is fabulous, fantastic and a very good experience for us. Coach Frank to me has a lot of talent especially in basketball, speaks well and has a good sense of humor and a very active discussant. The other coaches who are also former basketball players are helpful and really provide techniques from their experiences and also add to the entertainment when they themselves do the drills. I give my salute to this program.
December 29th, 2008Jr. NBA Coaches
Name: Maria Elena April L. Olet
School: Sergio Osme'a Sr. High School, Quezon City
Coaching Experience: 3 Years
Quote: The only problem with the program is that we all want more! Thanks a lot to Coach Frank he is an excellent speaker. This Jr. NBA program will definitely affect out youth in this part of the world. Thank you for sharing your love of basketball with us.
Name: Errol James I. Morales
School: Caloocan Elementary School
Coaching Experience: 4 Years
Quote: I hope that everyone will try it the next time it will be done. It is an amazing experience and really hope this will happen regularly.
Name: Andrea D. Falle
School: F.G. Calderon High School, Tondo, Manila
Coaching Experience: MAPEH teacher ' Basketball coach (Boys and Girls)
Quote: We all have learned a lot. Thank you so much. I really admire Coach Frank and his philosophy.
January 5th, 2009Jr. NBA Coaches
Name: Bienvenido "Bien" Pasco
School: Jose Abad Santos High School, Binondo, Manila
Coaching Experience: 23 Year
Quote: Before anything else, I am thanking the staff and sponsors, especially Coach Frank Lopez for sharing the superb knowledge in basketball that this Jr. NBA clinic provides for us. Be it in coaching style, value formation, offensive and defensive strategy, drills or others, all of these will ultimately benefit the main recipients, the students, through the efforts of all the coaches that attended this clinic. More power to Jr. NBA
Name: Adrian B. Verano
School:Torres High School
Coaching Experience: MAPEH teacher
Quote: I've learned a lot from this program especially from Coach Frank. I am wishing all the sponsors and staff more power. You never know how huge this program can help our kids.
Name: Dafrosa Y. Zagala
School:Department of Education National Capital Region
Coaching Experience: -
Quote:This is very informative, innovative and Coach Frank is a very effective speaker. I may not have handled a basketball team but I handle some of these coaches as they function in school. Through this clinic we all learn not just about basketball but in life as well. Thanks to you Jr. NBA and congratulations.
December 1st, 2008Players
Name: Shaquille Oswald M. Alanes (*Winner of 5 of 6 of the challenges except 2-ball)
School: St. Jude College Cavite
Age: 14 Years
Quote: I enjoyed joining the open clinic of the Jr. NBA and learned a lot from Coach Ronnie Magsanoc and Coach Jolly Escobar. I really hope that there would be more clinics like this especially that it was free and we all enjoyed the fun games, awards and prizes. I made new friends here and the experience gave me a boost of confidence to continue my basketball dream. My family among many other families tagged along with us participants and joined in the games also. We had so much fun.
Name: Rashleigh Paolo Rivero
School: Casa Del Ni'o Montessori School, Isabela
Age: 13 years
Quote: This Jr. NBA experience is really worth our travel. I really had fun. I will do my best if I were to be selected as one of the lucky participants in the regional selection camp. I think joining here in the Jr. NBA is a great step towards understanding the game of basketball better and use the skills and discipline as I grow as well.
Name: Rasheed Paolo Rivero
School: Casa Del Ni'o Montessori School, Isabela
Age: 12 years
Quote: I love playing basketball. We are all boys in the family and my mom and dad really support us. The Jr. NBA is a bonding time for us. I really love playing with my brothers.
Name: Ricci Paolo Rivero
School: Casa Del Ni'o Montessori School, Isabela
Age: 10 years
Quote: Being the youngest among my brothers who are here, I really had fun playing the skills challenge and support my 'kuyas' in their slam dunk contests. I wish that there will be more time we really had a great time!
Name: Carlo Escalambre
School: Casa Del Ni'o Montessori School, Isabela
Age: 14 years
Quote: The fun is really put forward here in the Jr. NBA. We compete with kids our own age, wearing smiles and receive many prizes and awards we really will cherish. We don't have to do anything since it is free, all we need to do is learn and have fun, plus playing with my cousins is cool!
December 8th, 2008Players
Tarlac is a province north of Manila approximately 80 kimoleters away or a good four hour drive from Manila.
Name: Kristoffer Kyle M. Villanueva
School: Don Bosco Technical Institute ' Tarlac
Age: 15
Quote: I am really happy that I went here even though we have to leave our province early. This is my first time here in Manila and was really excited when I learned of Jr. NBA from TV, newspaper as well as our coach who participated in the Jr. NBA Coaches Clinic. I really bagged my dad to allow us, and to my surprise he came along as well. We really had fun. Thanks to Jr. NBA.
Name: Kristian Kier M. Villanueva
School: Don Bosco Technical Institute ' Tarlac
Age: 12
Quote: I know that joining the Jr. NBA Open Clinic will help me even before me and my brother asked our dad. I was really excited and we joined every game and skills challenge that even though we lost we still get to take home many many prizes plus joining was free!
Name: John Iree Canlapan
School: Don Bosco Technical Institute ' Tarlac
Age: 14
Quote: I was excited before coming here and now I am more excited to come home and tell everybody what a great time we all had! We learned a lot in the Open Clinic and the best thing was that we were taught by my idol Coach Ronnie Magsanoc whom I look up to as I want to be a good point guard myself. This is definitely an experience I will not forget.
Name: Arnie D. Sebastian
School: Tarlac Montessori School ' Tarlac
Age: 13
Quote: Our coach handled two teams one from Don Bosco and the other from our school. I was really happy that they tagged me along with them. If this were to happen again I am sure I will tell our whole school to come! The Jr. NBA program rocks!
Name: John Paulo A. Lape'a
School:Don Bosco Technical Institute ' Tarlac
Age: 13
Quote: I learned a lot in this Open Clinic and I was so happy when I saw my mom proud after I won the 3-point shootout. Even my little sister was proud of me. This really must happen again and no matter how far I will still attend!
January 5th, 2009Players
Name:Kristoffer james V. Porter
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits (SHS-J)
Age: 14
Coach: Rommel Rasmo
Parents/guardians: Edmund Porter (father)
Quote: I would like to thank the organizer and sponsors of the Jr. NBA program for giving our young Cebuano players the opportunity to experience training and playing with other top players in the country and furthermore to train in the US! Also, I would like to give thanks to Coach Al Solis for teaching dribbling it was my favorite activity.
Father's quote: Thank you. Nothing more can be said about this noble event. This really foster our bonding even further.
Name:Mark jayven B. Tallo
School: Cebu Institute of Technology
Age: 14
Coach: Alex dela Torre
Parents/guardians: Mark Anthony Tallo (father), Dolly Tallo (mother)(father)
Quote: The new skills I have learned are about playing with the team, playing as one not just individually. And also, the golden rule in basketball is to respect and treat others like I want them to treat and respect me as what Coach Jolly Escobar told us. This is what really struck me.
Father's quote: We encouraged our child to participate since he has nothing to lose and everything to gain and that would make them better players in the near future (hopefully). Thank you Jr. NBA! See you next year!
Name:Jomari Jericho G. Dinsay
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits (SHS-J)
Age: 14
Coach: Mark Tallo
Parents/guardians: Vittorio Joseph Dinsay (father)
Quote: This is fate and faith. Fate in that this is the first time Jr. NBA will be here in Cebu and this is my last year eligible. Faith in that I prayed hard to be included in the team to be sent to Manila and I promise I will work hard to improve myself as a player and a good sportsman. Thanks Jr. NBA!
Father's quote: You're an outstanding organization. A gift for the kids this yuletide season! This program will help Jomari and inspire his younger brothers as well as other kids to strive for the same. Congratulations!
Name:Adrian Marvin Roland Muller
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits (SHS-J)
Age: 13
Coach: Rommel Rasmo
Quote: I really learned a lot in this Jr. NBA program. I enjoyed best the dribbling lesson since it is where I need to improve. I will practice harder to become better come the Manila leg of Jr. NBA. Thanks Jr. NBA for the opportunity and more power!
Family/coach quote: We'll always be here to support our kid and motivate him to attend events like this. My hats off to Jr. NBA for a well rounded and highly systematic program and selection. God speed and may Jr. NBA spread to other parts of the country.
Name:Arc Gabrielle R. Araw-araw
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits (SHS-J)
Age: 13
Coach: Bon Rosito
Quote: Jr. NBA is a very laudable project since it is for free and it will develop young kids' passion and skill for the game and I really hope this will continue every year.
Family/coach quote: We support our son all the way and since he will be away on his own come Manila national camp, we really show him that we are proud of him and that it is truly an honor to be hailed as one of the top 20 from Cebu.
Name:Wablymar Russell S. Del Rosario
School: UC Main
Age: 14
Parents: Romualdo del Rosario (father), Maricar del Rosario (mother)
Quote: This is a dream come true – a chance to be part of a team that will represent the Philippines internationally. I did not pay anything and I learn everything! This simply is amazing and it is an honor for me to join here – I made a lot of friends.
Father quote: I will encourage my son to train hard and have a positive attitude. Thanks once again to the Jr. NBA crew this is one moment that our family will never ever forget.
Name:Veneze Ian P. Benzig
School:New Ormoc City National High School
Age: 14
Coach: Eduardo Eguarras
Parents/guardians: Kennith Bensig
Quote: Jr. NBA helps me achieve my basketball dream since I can showcase and improve my skills and talents in this sport. I also want to thank Jr. NBA for giving us this rare opportunity – from the organizers, sponsors, officials, and staff – you all don't know how this program boosts our confidence and determination to get better in basketball.
Coach quote: I'm very proud of Ian and even if he didn't pass, the skills and discipline he acquires in this program will help in pursuit of his dream of becoming a better basketball player. I am also proud that though he is a shy kid, after a day in the camp I can really tell that he enjoyed the training and gained new friend.
Name:Ray Daniel A. Abbu
School:Sacred Heart School Jesuits (SHS-J)
Age: 13
Coach: Rommel Rasmo
Quote: Thank you Jr. NBA for giving me this great opportunity to be part of this program and may this be the beginning of the fulfillment of my dreams. This camp gave me more self confidence and improved me in terms of skills, techniques, right attitude and discipline.
Coach quote: Kudos to the organizers and staff: this is a great opportunity for these aspiring young players whose passion is really to play basketball. Jr. NBA is very systematic. Everyone involved was so focused and serious in what they were doing. Congratulations and please continue to keep up the good work! God Speed!
Name:Jose Marlo Pono
School:Don Bosco College Cebu
Age: 13
Coach: Ray Villagracia
Parents/guardians: Joselito Pono (father), Berwyn Pono (mother)
Quote: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to join the clinic and encourage us to engage in sports rather than vices and other ill habits. This Jr. NBA program should be a nationwide phenomenon! I get to meet a lot of new friends too.
Father quote: First of all, we would like to thank the organizers and staff for bringing the Jr. NBA to Cebu. How we've wished our son can make it to New York but for us parents, what is important is our son's opportunity to be exposed and possibly join the National Training Camp. We as parents would work hand in hand in the Jr. NBA's vision of discovering potentials and spreading the fun of basketball throughout. More power Jr. NBA.
Name:Niko G. Nemeo
School:Don Bosco Technical College Cebu
Age: 13
Coach: Rey Villagracia
Parents/guardians: Godofredo Nemeo (father), Ma. Teresa Nemeo (mother)
Quote: The Jr. NBA camp was the first basketball training camp I attended and it was awesome. It was well organized and we learned a lot and it is free!
Family quote: Our family would like to thank Jr. NBA for this selection camp. More power to the presenter and sponsors of Jr. NBA as well as the ex-PBA players who coached the event.
Name:Justin Jay Karl V. Dela Cruz
School:Sacred Heart School Jesuits (SHS-J)
Age: 14
Coach: Rommel Rasmo
Parents/guardians: Joseph Alfred Dela Cruz (father), Carla Dela Cruz (mother)
Quote: I love the whole selection camp from start to finish! We were never tired just always excited! Many thanks to Jr. NBA.
Father quote: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to join this prestigious event. The camp is very well prepared and organized and so far the best we've attended. This will promote sportsmanship and character aside from better players.
Name:Izak Kiefer L. Lim
School:Sacred Heart School Jesuits (SHS-J)
Age: 13
Coach: Rommel Rasmo
Parents/guardians: Perry Lim (father), Ester Lim (mother)
Quote: This is the best camp ever! Should I be selected adequate rest and exercise will be my preparation for the Manila leg (and hopefully US), but foremost will be as Coach Elmer Cabahug pointed out it must be PRACTICE!
Father quote: The Jr. NBA program will definitely improve not just my son's skill but his character as well. We are here to support him all the way and we thank Jr. NBA program in helping our son achieve hid dream.
Name:Tecson P. Gacrama
School:University of San Carlos – North Campus (USC-NC)
Age: 13
Coach: Mike Reyes
Parents/guardians: Praxedo T. Gacrama II
Quote: I really hope you will continue to share the passion and knowledge in playing basketball throughout the country and the whole world. Lessons learned here in this camp do not only pertain to the game but to life as well. Hard work, respect, team effort and sportsmanship are core values of life as well. Thanks Jr. NBA!
Father quote: I am so proud when my son played the 5 on 5 scrimmage, they are all having fun while showcasing each individual talent and team effort. It is really fun for us parents to see our kids enjoy, learn and get connected to others through this Jr. NBA program. Thank you.
Name:Noel Q. Villaceran
School:Saint Alpheus Catholic School
Age: 12
Coach: Larry Villanil
Parents/guardians: Ervin Villaceran
Quote: I am so happy because the Jr. NBA came here to Cebu, and thanks to the wonderful opportunity you have given us, and may this kind and noble program of bringing basketball to the youth continue to spread. I will definitely prepare for the National Training Camp if ever I will be given a chance and starting today, picked or not, I am inspired to practice hard and play harder.
Father quote: I am giving the Jr. NBA 99% for their job well done and for the exposure and confidence boost they gave to each and every kid who participated as well as the families of those players. The other 1 percent will come if this gracious event will be nationwide! Thanks Jr. NBA.
Name:Jomarie Martin C. Gairanod
School:First Baptist Church Christian School
Age: 14
Coach: Arnel Daguman
Parents/guardians: Al Jose B. Gairanod (father), Mary Ann C. Gairanod
Quote: I can say any day that this Jr. NBA camp with all the discipline and training plus the fact that it is free is simply the best. No other camp can ever come this close - particularly the scope of this program wherein Manila, Cebu and someday maybe other parts of the country will be in one with the basketball world of the NBA.
Father quote: More power to Jr. NBA and through this event our family became more bonded, it is as if a post Christmas celebration for us. Thank you again. God bless.
Name:Patrick Nigel T. Go
School:Sacred Heart School Jesuits (SHS-J)
Age: 13
Coach: Bon Rosito
Parents/guardians: Pamela T. Go (mother)
Quote: From the bottom of our hearts we really would like to thank Jr. NBA. We we're so excited over this and even though it is Christmas and this is our vacation we really trained and practiced for the camp. I loved the shooting and obstacle course drills. It was really awesome.
Mother quote: I pray that Jr. NBA fever will spread all over the country and encourage kids of all regions to engage in sports particularly basketball since it enhances your body and mind and promote teamwork and respect and discipline.
Name:Raul Dominic Antigua
School:Sacred Heart School Jesuits (SHS-J)
Age: 14
Coach: Abel Bongcaraz
Parents/guardians: Pamela T. Go (mother)
Quote: The Jr. NBA camp not only taught us the fundamentals and discipline of the game, but helped us to bond with each other and make friends.
Family/coach quote: We really encouraged Raul and his brother to join. Luckily, Raul got picked and we were so proud of him. His brother will try out again next year.
Name:Lucky Q. Suan
School:University of Visaya
Age: 14
Coach: Abel Bongcaras
Parents/guardians: Jose Berty Suan (father)
Quote: I love playing basketball. I have heard of Jr. NBA before and through the internet and wished that they visit the Philippines one day and specifically us here in Cebu. And luckily, as if my wish was heard here we are participating in this selection camp and learning how to really play and enjoy the game as well.
Father quote: On behalf of our family, we are glad that there are still people who want to impart for free the talents and dedication the game of basketball entails. Congratulations Jr. NBA.
January 12th, 2009Players
Name:Patrick Nigel T. Go
School:Sacred Heart School
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Pamela T. Go
Quote: I heard of the Jr. NBA Open Clinic from my coach Bon Rosito and since the Regionals was held in our school during the Christmas break. I went on to try the (Caltex) 2-Ball, and (Spalding) Free Throw Knockout and it was fun!I really had a great time. I also learn of team coordination especially with the 2-ball challenge. It was a very good experience and lso very challenging. I really enjoyed a lot.
Parent quote: The Jr. NBA Open Clinic will encourage my child to excel in basket ball and be inspired to practice more in order to succeed and maybe to be part of the NBA someday. The experience was great and it was worth taking our time –off.
Name: Arnie Christian A. Padilla
School: University of San Carlos (North Campus)
Age: 11
Parents/guardians: Arlene Padilla (mother)
Quote: I joined the 2-Ball and Free Throw Knockout and since I know of some of the other players from our school and around, it was like a group activity for us. I particularly like the shooting skills taught by Coach Jolly and Elmer but found it a bit short, I really wish it goes for longer. It feels good and I meet old and new friends though.
Parent quote: I would like to thank the Jr. NBA since the program will boost the confidence of my kid, among many, and they will earn additional skills. Plus the fact that it's free makes it all worthwhile. A really fun family event. Thank you and more power.
Name: Shann Tan
School: Don Bosco
Age: 11
Parents/guardians: Charles Tan
Quote: At first I was shy, but when I see all the kids trying and having fun. I tried the 3- Point shootout and though I did not win it felt good to participate in a friendly competition with many people watching and cheering.
Parent quote: The children who participated would develop skills and confidence and a positive attitude. I was surprised to see my usually shy kid give it a try. Thank you Jr. NBA.
Name: Jude Luke O. Bulan
School: University of San Carlos (North Campus)
Age: 12
Parents/guardians: Eutemio Bulan
Quote: Through the Jr. NBA, I learned basic skills about basketball and had a shot at dunking (BTV Slamdunk) though the ring was lowered but I can really feel the fun and energy of it! I wish I can do it on a standard height ring. I was very happy because I was given an opportunity to join and play even though I was not that good. Congratulations Jr. NBA!
Name: Jan Paolo Yu
School: Maria Montessori International School
Age: 10
Parents/guardians: Pablo Yu
Quote: My dad read about the Jr. NBA in newspapers and asked me to join. I was hesitant at first, just watching other kids join but after joining in on the Open Clinic, I felt good and tried everything else except the slam dunk! It was same as school but the experience of joining the Jr. NBA is better and it really gave me a great adrenaline rush!
Parent quote: If we give rating from 1 to 10 to Jr NBA, it's a perfect 10 for us! It elevates my son's courage and skill, it gives a lot of fun and excitement and it's free!
Name: Rich Devenadera
School: University of San Carlos (North Campus)
Age: 11
Parents/guardians: Pablo Yu
Quote: It was fun since this is my first time to witness any basket ball clinic unlike before where I only get to watch them on TV. I joined and I enjoyed! I will be back here tomorrow! Thank you Jr. NBA!
Name: Rumel F. Beato
School: University of San Carlos
Age: 15
Quote:I joined a lot of clinics before but never were them as big as this especially with the crowd all watching us participants. Yes, I learn a lot of new moves especially in defense and it was as if we were real players on training. The fun games were also cool!
Name: Jon Go
School: St. Paul University of Dumaguete
Age: 15
Parents/guardians: Sherwin T. Go and Connie Q. Go
Quote: I was simply strolling and was eager to join when I saw what was going on. I wish I brought all my friends with me. I enjoyed watching particularly the Slam Dunk contest but I joined the Skills Challenge and Free Throw Knockout since I cannot jump that high. Lot's of fun! I want to do this all over again!
Name: Dean Andrew De Jesus
School: Bob Hughes Christian Academy
Age: 15
Quote: I am one lucky dude! My friends and I were about to meet up outside but it was cancelled because of the Sinulog Festival traffic. At first I was irked since I (and my neighbor Dustin) came here early but lucky me I saw this Jr. NBA clinic. I joined the Skills Challenge and though I did not win I managed to complete the course and that made me proud. I cannot wait to tell my friends about this.
Name: Dustin Jacob De Jesus
School: Visayan Nazarene Bible College
Age: 15
Quote: I was just accompanying my friend here and when we saw Jr. NBA Clinic and I immediately joined the Hi-Smart Skills Challenge, Gatorade 3-Pt Shootout, Spalding Free Throw Knockout and adidas Long Distance Shot. I am over-aged for the Open Clinic but I watched intently and will try the things when we get home. We will teach kids in our neighborhood what we learned!
Name: Alastair Ian C. Garanod
School: First Baptist Church
Age: 15
Parents/guardians: Al Jose Gairanod, Mary Ann Gairanod (parents), Alyanna Din, Allysabelle G (siblings)
Quote: Though I cannot jump that high, I tried the Slam Dunk Contest, because I see people dunking, I feel that it is the greatest feeling in basketball, and no other court that I know of has a goal which can be lowered as this. I joined every event and it was a great feeling that my family was here and cheered me on. I also gained a nickname of ‘boy next door' by emcee Rico Robles, since I am wearing casual and not basketball clothes. It was fun!
Parent quote: This program will make children great players. Who knows, the next Jr. NBA star would be from Cebu. Continue the good job. Jr. NBA rocks! Keep inspiring the youth.
Name: Judd Vincent R. Valle
School: University of San Carlos (South Campus)
Age: 11
Parents/guardians: Milagros Valle, Mylene Valle, Myla Valle (aunts)
Quote: This is a once in lifetime chance for me, I was never that athletic, and so I was not that into sports or anything. But this Jr. NBA is so much fun to watch that by thin build did not stop me and I joined the shooting challenges. It was also fun to watch the Slam Dunk Contest.
Parent quote: I'll rate the whole Jr. NBA program a perfect 10! It helps our nephew to be more athletic and this builds up sportsmanship and attitude for him, in which he could apply in school and everywhere.
Name: Aaron Baldwin L, Sing
School: Sacred Heart Jesuit School for Boys
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Arturo Y. Sing
Quote: I enjoyed all the games and the clinic as well. What I will do is try to introduce the fun games since I think we can imitate them at school particularly the Skills Challenge, and Free throw Knockout. Thanks Jr. NBA! Congrats!
Parent quote: It will help kids to develop their own ability and skills in basketball. We parents are just thankful that a program like this is here and is for free! Thanks Jr NBA and I hope you will come back for all the Cebuano kids.
Name: Genesis Shannon Y. Ang
School: Cebu Eastern College
Age: 11
Quote: I would like to give thanks to the Jr. NBA because I learned a lot particularly proper dribbling. It is an honor to join the Jr. NBA Clinic
Parent quote: It was educational but it will be better if this will be held during summer and offer longer time for kids and students to come. So for that I will give it a 9 but only because we want it longer!
Name: Kyle Matthew J. Valencia
School: Royal Oaks International School
Age: 9
Quote: It feels like you're in the NBA and playing professionally with fans and crowds cheering you! I learned how to dribble well and since I want to be a good point guard like my idol Steve Nash, I am thanking Jr. NBA for the lessons they provided us.
Name: Kyle Aleman
School: Royal Oaks International School
Age: 12
Quote: Our coach was part of the Jr. NBA Coaches Clinic though we failed to send any representative since it was vacation during the Regional Selection Camp that is why I am with by buddy and teammate Kyle (same name as me) to experience Jr. NBA. I joined the 3 point Shootout and it was really fun and I almost win! I learned in the Open Clinic how to handle the ball properly and how to shoot well.
Name: Gregory John Blanco
School: Cebu Cherish School
Age: 10
Parents/guardians: Jed Martin (brother), Hannah Mae (sister)
Quote: I heard on the radio an announcement about the Jr. NBA and since I am a fan of anything basketball especially NBA, I asked my sister and brother to come with me here. And we were all surprised, not only to see that there are many fun games and things to learn but that they were all for free! I love the Open Clinic it felt like I am a real player!
Siblings quote: From 1 to 10, 10 as the highest, I would rate the program as 10. It will help in giving basic knowledge to the young ones especially with the fact that PBA players are the ones doing the camp.
Name: Peter John Labajo
Age: 2
Parents/guardians: Anamae Labajo (answered for her son)
Quote: I feel happy that Peter (2 years old) loves to play and there is a booth from Hi-Smart where he can do so. Our whole family watched the event for hours always excited especially with the Slam Dunk contest, while Peter is full of energy playing. I never see him this happy before and even playing with other kids because he usually is shy. I will give Jr NBA a 10 because it is free for all ages!
Name: Raffy Nulada
School: Marie Ernestein
Age: 15
Quote: I really loved the Slam Dunk Challenge! Even grown-ups and staff from some stalls inside the mall participated and tried their best to entertain the crowd. Everyone was having fun. I hope Jr NBA will be back here in Cebu often. More power!
Name: John Ernest Roland
School: Marie Ernestein
Age: 16
Quote: I joined everything – all the challenges and drills and fun games! I really envy those who participated in the Open Clinic, since 14 years old was the cut-off but I paid attention to what Coaches Cabahug and Escobar were saying and I picked up things that I will definitely remember like how to guard the ball better.
Name: Giljohn Ferolino
School: Cebu Institute of Technology
Age: 18
Parents/guardians: Gildon Ferolino (brother)
Quote: I came here with my brother and we both agree that this was the best clinic we've been to! We played the 2-ball challenge together and it was really a great bonding experience with my brother. Thanks Jr. NBA.
Name: Gildon Ferolino
School: Cebu Institute of Technology
Age: 15
Parents/guardians: Giljohn Ferolino (brother)
Quote: I learned that through teamwork and trust one can make good friends even my brother and did not know before that we make a good team. Also, sportsmanship is a true value. If you have this 3, you can have many friends and we made many. I really am happy I joined Jr. NBA.
Name: Erl Francis S. Guillen
School: University of San Jose Recoletos
Age: 16
Quote: I joined all the events - the Hi-Smart Skills Challenge, Slam Dunk Contest, 2-Ball, 3-Point. Shootout, Free Throw Knockout, Long Distance Shot and I enjoyed them all especially those that I luckily had won. I learned sportsmanship, teamwork, and how to develop my self-esteem. It felt very good. Could you imagine that big crowd watching your performance? That's pretty cool! The Jr. NBA rocks!
January 30th, 2009Players
Name:Russell Oneal U. Fernandez
School:San Beda College
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Jiro Fernandez (father)
Quote: At first I was afraid of joining the clinic since I may not get picked or get left behind but I thought if that I dont it would be me whose going to miss out on this rare chance. And it was so much fun! Now I could jump higher than 10 feet! Im very proud of myself, especially getting picked for the top 20. Happy cant even begin to describe how Im feeling. Thanks Jr. NBA!
Parent quote: I am really dreaming that Russell can one day play professionally like hid idols in the NBA and PBA as well that is why I encouraged him to join. Through the Jr. NBA camp, I believe that he will improve his skills and playing ability and will develop camaraderie with full discipline. I give a perfect 10 to Jr. NBA, especially the seriousness of the task the organizers is really inspiring. A complete basketball camp all for free. I wish the Jr. NBA all the best. Congratulations!
Name:Reynald Paul M. Magsahin
School:San Beda College
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Jocelyn Magsahin (mother)
Quote: Im so happy because I got selected. Im very proud of myself right now. Getting the slot is more exciting because this is THE Jr. NBA. I cannot wait to for the national training camp. Even if I wont be able to get picked the honor of being in the final 40 from all the kids in Manila and Cebu is overwhelming. I would really try my best and thanks to may family who were always here to support me.
Parent quote: As with the Jr. NBA vision, I also dream big for my kid. I believe that with proper training, guidance and discipline, and all the support he can get, I think hell be on his way to fulfill his dream to excel in his chosen field of basketball. I would like to thank Jr. NBA for all the help they have given my child especially the inspiration the coaches provided for all the participants. I am sure my son and all the participants will never forget their experience here.
Name:Thaddeus Dominique G. Ballada
School:De La Salle - Canlubang
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Win Ballada (father)
Quote:I see basketball as a very enjoyable hobby because I get to meet new friends. When our team wins, its really an unexplainable feelingits really fun sport. If ever I make it to the Top 6, I will first thank God for bringing me there, and granting me the opportunity. The camp will help me a lot. It will make you a better person and player. During the Jr. NBA camp, I felt the pressure of the game. Basketball for me is a very demanding activity. It requires discipline and a lot of sacrifice. The hardest thing is balancing everything: basketball, service, attitude, social life. But if ever I make the cut, I will focus on improving my game and sharing the blessings to others. Last but not the least, I will thank God and serve Him better.
Parent quote: I want my son to maximize his potential as a player. My wife and I believe that sports and basketball in particular will provide him the values which will definitely prove useful to him in the future. A high caliber program like Jr. NBA will provide him the venue to showcase his skills as a player and the STAR framework will also be useful now and in the future. The dedicated coaches serve as role models for the participants in that they are all respected and famous in the basketball field yet they remain humble. I would like to personally commend the Jr. NBA for devoting precious resources in developing all the kids here. The programs success is an assured one.
Name:Jose Carlos P. Escalambre
School:Casa del Nio Montessori School
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Jomarie Escalambre (father), Jay Escalambre (uncle), Joeboy Escalambre (brother), Shane Escalambre (nephew)
Quote:I felt really excited when my name was called, and I was the first one! I didnt expect that at all. I just did the drills step by step, just followed instructions, I guess Im lucky. Im very thankful for this chance the Jr. NBA has given to all of us including all our family and coaches. All of us here were good and deserving and that inspires me to prove and challenge myself more. I will never forget the lessons Ive learned here in the camp. Thanks again.
Parent quote:I definitely wish that the in time Jr. NBA would reach other provinces in the country as well. We live up north (a good half-day drive) and we consider ourselves lucky that we made it here, though, I know that many talents are scattered all over the country that would definitely join this prestigious camp. I really want to give my humblest thanks and appreciation for all the training and skills my kid received from the Jr. NBA camp. I hope that all theses kids will become professional players someday.
Name:Dominic C. Dimalanta
School:Casa del Nio Montessori School
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Paolo Rivero (coach) Rashleigh Rivero (teammate)
Quote:The Jr. NBA camp was really fun. I could just feel myself smiling wider with each activity. The drills were tough and challenging, but being with other kids and the great coaches made everything worth it. I hope that this camp is nearer our home up north. I know once they hold camps there that kids will overflow! Thanks Jr. NBA!
Coach quote:This is the honest to goodness best try out weve joined! The well-know and respected coaches are really rating the over-all skills of the players. We really encourage everyone qualified from our team up north to join; the experience here is truly once in a lifetime. Only wish that it were nearer, there are many, many, many kids clamoring for this Jr. NBA camp. We all salute you men and women of the Jr. NBA Program.
Name:Emilio Puno
School:Ateneo de Manila University
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Nolet Puno (father)
Quote:I felt excited during the camp because there were a lot of good players. I was really challenged during the camp but I learned a lot. My favorite is ball handling by Coach Ryan Gregorio since I want to play as a point guard and what he taught us were really useful tips on proper control of the ball. I hope I can play in the Jr. NBA Philippines team and I will work hard for it.
Parent quote:I encouraged my son to join the Jr. NBA program specifically to broaden his horizon towards playing basketball and to give him the chance to play with good peers form other schools. This Jr. NBA really inspires us parents to support our kids and their dreams and with that I will help train my son to practice harder and focus on the skills he learned here. The values and discipline of the game will help him as an individual and are really worth pursuing. I hope the Jr. NBA will spread and continue teaching kids on the benefits of playing sports particularly basketball.
Name:Les Paul Saez
School:Notre Dame of Greater Manila
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Ma. Terasa Laraine Saez
Quote: The Jr. NBA camp was exciting and fun. Hopefully there will be another camp for boys 15 years old or above since I wont be eligible to join ext year but God knows how I love to be back and learn and learn and learn more! This is the best camp ever especially the scrimmage! We get to play with kids from different schools and showcase our talents in front of the audience most especially our families. I hope my family is proud of me.
Parent quote: To the event organizer of the Jr. NBA my warmest appreciation and thanks to all of you. You made my son so happy and for us who are not that fit or into sports you made us recognize the value of this sport and the values and training it will provide the kids. Thank you very much!
Name:Dion Jackson
School:Holy Infant Montessori Center
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Rostum Zurbano (coach)
Quote: The camp was truly competitive. I learned so much during our drills. The hardest for me is the skills test by Coach Jolly Escobar especially since you have to do all sorts of things from lay-ups to three-pointers to chest passes, free throws and being timed! But we all had fun! I really hope Jr. NBA will reach more and more kids like me.
Coach quote: The holistic approach of the Jr. NBA from the coaches to the parents to the kids and teaching them the STAR values goes beyond basketball it is a complete physical, mental and emotional training, thus personality development. We will work hard and practice for the National Training Camp and our school is all out in supporting Dion with his studies. I really am hoping more and more kids can experience basketball the Jr. NBA way!
Name:Aldrin C. Fegidero
School:Pasay City South High School
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Anotnio Fegidero (father)
Quote: Id give Jr. NBA a perfect 10 because I learned so many things which have not been taught by my coaches. The hardest part for me was the lay-up drills using my right hand because Im left-handed. I dont usually use my right hand in doing lay-ups but now Ill practice it everyday. This camp will help me succeed to be a superstar. I hope that Jr. NBA will have more clinics so that they will be able to find some player who will be a future superstar.
Parent quote: We came from a public school and we were overwhelmed with the Jr NBA program. All kids from all status and walks of life as long as they have the passion to play basketball can join and all for free! The PBA icons who coach the kids are truly inspiring. I would pray and hope that this program will continue and spread across boundaries. Thank you Jr. NBA for making this possible.
Name:Carlos Nicolo Mercado
School:San Beda College
Age: 12
Parents/guardians: Chito Miguel (father)
Quote: I know I am small and thin than most people would see a great basketball player should be. But I t felt great when I heard my name was called! I felt really fantastic. Jr. NBA took me closer to becoming an official NBA player however little that step is. I really love basketball. I hope Jr. NBA will not get tired of me because I will join again and again and again!
Parent quote: Nicolo has been talking about playing in the NBA since he was 5 years old. It has been his dream ever since he could shoot. When we were informed about the Jr. NBA program, it just seemed like a no-brainer question when he asked us if we will let him join since basketball is all he talks about! We believe that Jr. NBA will help Nicolo become a more seasoned athlete in terms of his skills and how he interacts and plays with and against others who are bigger and better than him. It will help boost his confidence a lot and affirm that his little steps towards his dream is paying off. Plus, as parents we will try to impart in him the importance of goof attitude and values of respect and team work. The Jr. NBA is truly a venue where kids are given the rare opportunity to develop their skills by great mentors and get to know other people as well. Good Job!
Name:Roelandt John R. Gallardo
School:Ateneo de Manila University
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Ronaldo Gallardo (father)
Quote: I felt excited and nervous a lot but the coaches and the other players were so accommodating even the referees and staff were nice too that they lessen the pressure in me. I just had fun and try not to think of anything but learn and listen as much as I can to the pointers and tips the coaches are saying especially the shooting techniques by Coach Ronnie Magsanoc. It felt like we were real basketball stars honestly! I will never forget this thanks to Jr. NBA!
Parent quote: Every parents dream is to watch their children grow and achieve their dreams. And my sons desire is really to showcase his talent and improve in his game of basketball and someday join leagues like UAAP/NCAA, PBA and the ultimately the NBA. Jr NBA will be his good foundation with all the fundamentals, values and discipline the program taught each participant. We all thank you and hope you will keep it up!
Name: Joseph Bryan R. Operario
School: Quezon City Science High School
Age: 15
Parents/guardians: Ronaldo Gallardo (father)
Quote: I learned a lot from Jr. NBA. It was fun at the same time informative. My favorite part was Coach Benjie Paras teaching us the basic of lay-ups and the approach to the basket. I am around 59 and hoping to grow taller and he is my idol in the PBA! It was really an unforgettable experience being taught personally by these legends of the hardcourt.
Parent quote: His school coach recommended him to try out for the Jr. NBA because everyone who knows Joseph agrees that basketball is his ultimate passion. I believe that Jr. NBA will not only help my son in improving his basketball skills but more so his social and emotional well-being. Being exposed to kids from different schools and places will enable him to learn from them not just basketball but friendship, teamwork and camaraderie as well. This experience will truly be unforgettable for my son and all the participants Im sure. In addition, because of the fact that the program is handled and organized properly, I sincerely hope that Jr. NBA will open more camps to help more and more kids around the globe. Way to go Jr. NBA! Keep up the good work and thank you!
Name: Jose Gabriel D. Sumangid
School: Jose Rizal University
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Manuel Sumangid, Sr. (grandfather)
Quote: I am much honored that I joined this Jr. NBA Camp. Never did I see our school gym packed with parents, kids my age and with NBA, Hi-Smart, Gatorade, Spalding and adidas logos it was like youre in a real live NBA game and we are the players and all of our family is watching!
Grandfather quote: I would really like my grandson to be the best player he ever can be and I believe that joining this Jr. NBA camp is his foundation and what a solid foundation it is from the techniques of renowned coaches to the quality of the co-players from other respected schools I am sure everyone here especially the kids are having the time of their life. I really appreciate the Jr. NBA program.
Name: Jayson Angelo T. Nasayao
School: San Sebastian College Recolletos
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Julian Nasayao (father), Luzueta Nasayao (mother)
Quote: The skills challenge was the hardest part for me. My favorite part, though, was the scrimmage. I enjoyed that a lot. This Jr. NBA camp will help me a lot in the future because I learned many things. I give it a 10 for being very organized and well-supported. Thank you Jr. NBA for helping me a lot in improving my basketball skills. I hope I can join again next year.
Parent quote: This whole camp experience is great not just for the kids but also for the parents and coaches as well. One cannot put into words seeing his son play and enjoy and learn the thing he loves basketball. This is truly an honor for all the participants. I hope they can all share to their friends, team mates and classmates the values and skills they learned here. Jr. NBA is the best!
Name: Michael Jay Javelosa
School: Ateneo de Manila University
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Julio J. Javelosa (father)
Quote: Because of the very good training I got from the Jr. NBA camp, I would give it a 10 over 10. One new thing I learned from the camp is how to play well with other kids. I know that the Jr. NBA camp will make me a better person. More power to Jr. NBA!
Parent quote: The Jr. NBA is a good training program; just having the mark of NBA connotes excellence. My son is a member of his schools basketball team and this camp will help him do better. I really dream that my son can someday play in the NBA. I really would like to thank Jr. NBA and all the staff and sponsors and hopefully they can continue this every year and give hope to all aspiring young players. Jr. NBA is the best!
Name: Shaquille Oswald M. Alanes
School: St. Jude College - Cavite
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Peter Alanes (father), Luz Alanes (mother), Althea Leslie Alanes (sister)
Quote: I liked the 3-point shootout drills and the scrimmage since they were timed. That was very exciting. To prepare for this camp, I practiced the fundamentals whenever I can. Thank you Jr. NBA for the very encouraging program that educate me for my basketball career, for teaching me the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, attitude and leadership. I will always carry what Ive learned here wherever I will go.
Parent quote: The Jr. NBA program is not just about playing the game; it is about taking the game to a new level by educating all the kids not just to develop their skills in basketball but also to teach them how to be good sports, develop positive attitude, leadership, teamwork and character, not just to his team and playmates but to his coaches and parents as well. We really hope that someday, with proper guidance, all these kids can be the next respected players in the professional scene. We would like to thank the Jr. NBA organization for their excellent encouragement and support for the young basketball players not just here but all over the world. May you continue your mission to develop STAR players and with that we give you a perfect 10! Mabuhay and God Bless!
Name: Gideon Ira Babilonia
School: San Beda College
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Boy Leao (uncle)
Quote: After the camp, I felt very excited and happy, even though I was tired. Jr. NBA makes it all worth it. I made new friends here, even those kids whom I play against. It was like being glued together with our passion for the game. I also would like to thank the coaches for helping each of us and guiding us. Again thanks Jr. NBA!
Uncle quote: We learned of the Jr. NBA program from Gboys coach at school and knowing the caliber of the coaches handling the camp (Coaches Ryan Gregorio, Benjie Paras, Ronnie Magsanoc and Jolly Escobar), we decided that it will be remarkable and encouraged him to join. The Jr. NBA camp fosters not just skills development but more importantly, good attitude among the participants especially with the fact that they come from different schools and backgrounds. We hope that Gboy and all the kids will reach their dreams with humility and respect instilled in them. May the Jr. NBA reach its goal of developing skilled and grounded players. More power.
Name: Neil Brian A. Ilarde
School: Muntinlupa Science High School
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Cecilla Ilarde (mother)
Quote: I learned many different skills during the Jr. NBA tryouts. For example, I learned being disciplined, how to work well with a team, and to be more respectful. Jr. NBA enhanced my basketball skills during the drills. I hope that this organization will help many young players like me who want to be a good basketball player. A 10 for Jr. NBA!
Mother quote: I know of the benefits my son will get in playing and engaging himself in this sport. I will support him and encourage him to practice more hoping that someday he can be a good player yet humble and with proper attitude. We parents can not thank the organizers and staff that bring this Jr NBA program for free here in our country. I hope that it will reach every part of the Philippines. Congratulations and more power.
Name: Miguel Javier D. Palaa
School: PAREF Northfield School for Boys
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Newton Palaa (father), Joaquin Palaa (brother)
Quote: My favorite part of the Jr. NBA camp was the scrimmage because I got to showcase my talent. Plus, I had a lot of fun. Some of the things I learned were how to play well with others and how to handle the ball well. Coach Ryan Gregorio taught us the fundamentals and the concept of ball handling. He also emphasized the importance of that skill. I would never forget the overall experience of course, because not a lot of kids my age get the chance of participating in this event.
Parent quote: Jovi is so passionate about basketball and we want him to be exposed to all opportunities within the basketball system in the country. We really would want him to be recognized as one of the best players in the country one day. The good thing with Jr. NBA program is that it is giving quality training and skills development for free! And we promise that we will definitely be there in every session and every game for Jovi if needed be. We are truly astonished with the magnitude of the Jr. NBA especially with the mentorship of respected and distinguished coaches in Philippine basketball. We hope that the system and organization th Jr. NBA has can be replicated in the local basketball setting, and on this note, I believe the standards of the game here in the Philippines will significantly be enhanced thru the Jr. NBA program.
Name: Mark Lawrence Z. Gamboa
School: Ateneo de Manila University
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Father's name not given
Quote: I feel very glad and blessed that I was chosen. I was feeling under the weather but I felt bursts of energy when I saw kids my age and my teammates from school give it all their best, even some falling down for a loose ball play, everyone shouting TEAM!, and the coaches were so inspiring. Thank you, Jr. NBA! I will prepare hard for the nationals!
Parent quote: This Jr. NBA camp will give my kid the experience on how the most popular sport and organization in the world operates and I believe that someday a Filipino will play in the NBA. Nothing is impossible and this camp is the proof of that since the program acknowledges the potentials of youth all over the world; great players were once kids with great dreams. All that we need to do now is help prepare him by encouraging him to practice his skills and mindset, and more importantly, to instill in him that basketball is a social sport, he can find more friends by playing the game and treating peers with respect. I personally would like to thank the Jr NBA organization for allowing my child to participate.
March 4th, 2009Players
Name: Wadlymar Russel S. Del Rosario
School: University of Cebu Main
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Maricar del Rosario (mother)
Quote: The Jr. NBA experience has been very fun and Im very happy to have been given the chance to join it. I especially like the dribbling drills because I think that as a basketball player one must be able to control the ball well so that his team can control the game. Before coming here for the National Camp, I had been practicing everyday back home in Cebu so that I could hone my skills. My parents told me to give my best and to believe in myself. Although I am not that confident in getting a spot in the Top 6, I am still very thankful for the experience and I hope that the Jr. NBA will continue to help other kids.
Parent quote: To prepare for the Jr. NBA finals, we urged our son to practice everyday. He jogged and trained with his varsity back home in Cebu. When I found out that he made it into the top 40, I was teary eyed and very proud of him. I saw that it boosted his confidence so we really supported him all the way. The Jr. NBA experience so far has been very good, we became friends with other parents and we saw that it taught our son to be independent; he packed his bags all by himself. For me, it doesnt really matter if he gets into the top 6 or not, as long as he is enjoying himself and that he knows that we support him all the way.
Name: Tecson P. Gacrama
School: University of San Carlos North Campus
Age: 13
Quote: I have learned a lot from the clinic and it has helped me improve my defensive skills. It has been fun especially at the start of the day when the teams are in the bus and going to the gym. That is my favorite part of the day because all we do is laugh, tell stories and almost everyone is not as serious as when we start training. Because of that I have gained not just team mates but friends as well. I really like to play basketball and I will really pursue it even though i am not chosen for the top 6. However, I must also take care of my academics. My parents were very happy and they have supported me all the way. I too was very happy when i was chosen for the top 20 in Cebu because my name was the last one called, I was happy that even though I am small I was still chosen. For now, my chances of getting into the top 6 are 4-3 out of ten because there are also a lot of other good and bigger players, but no matter, i will still enjoy my time here in Jr. NBA.
Name: Dion Jackson
School: Holy Infant Montessori Center
Address: Caloocan City
Age: 14
Quote: The experience so far has been great although it is very tiring. The drills really help us improve, i especially like dribbling because that is really where I am good at and the shooting drills have also helped me improve my shooting skills. Of all the coaches here, I like coach Jolly Escobar the most because he is a good teacher and he really gives us points on what and how to improve. I felt so proud when I was chosen for the top 20 for Manila so I have been practicing almost everyday to prepare myself for the finals and my parents have also helped me so that I will give my best today. My chances for getting into the top 6 are slim because there are also a lot of other great players but if I were chosen, the first thing I would do is thank the Lord, my parents and my coach for helping me reach my dream.
Name: Jayson Angelo T. Nagsayao
School: San Sabastian College Recollectos
Address: Cainta, Rizal
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Julian Nasayao (father), Luzeta Nasayao (mother)
Quote: I have prepared for the Jr. NBA by practicing everyday and taking the advice of my parents to do my best in everything that I do. I didnt expect to be chosen for the top 20 because there were a lot of other good players but I am very thankful that I got in because the experience has been very fun and good. I can attribute my being here to my courage and will to play basketball, and to the support that has been given to me by my family. Even though I dont get in the top 6, I will still pursue my dream to play basketball professionally. But I really hope that I will get lucky and will be chosen for the top 6.
Name: Kristoffer James V. Porter
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits
Age: 14
Quote: The experience so far has been ok, I enjoy the drills and I can now get into the rhythm of each game better and faster because of them. Its really a great experience because we are given the chance to train under great coaches and in great facilities, and we are also given exposure, playing against cagers from other parts of Cebu and from Manila. I have prepared well for this clinic, practicing everyday and keeping in good condition, and my parents are so proud and happy that I am here in Manila training. I dream of playing college basketball and eventually professional ball here in the Philippines. I am very happy to be here, to be part of the top 40, all the coaches have been very helpful. Thank you to the Jr. NBA for giving us this chance to improve and show our skills, and for giving us a chance to chase after our basketball dreams.
Name: Les Paul Saez
School: Notre Dame of Greater Manila
Address: Caloocan City
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Ma. Teresa Laraine Saez
Quote: I am very happy to be here because I have met a lot of new friends and the competition here is very healthy. The whole experience has just been very enjoyable. This clinic gives us a chance to hone and show our skills and to strengthen our weaknesses. I especially like the special challenges like the half court shooting and the scrimmages because that is where we can really measure our skills. I have never been a varsity player and this has been the first time that I have tried out for a basketball clinic. Back home, I only played street basketball with my friends and that has been the only preparation that I have had for this clinic. When I was chosen for the top 20 for Manila, I was very happy and surprised. I did not realize that I had the skill to make it this far. So I am very happy because all my hard work paid off. I really want to prove something to myself and to the varsity team in my school, that even though someone hasnt had real training, someone can make it big in basketball. Because all I did was grab this opportunity and it has given me so much more in return. After this clinic, I plan to join our school varsity and bring all the knowledge I have gained to my game. Thank you very much for giving me this chance, if it were not for Jr. NBA, I wouldnt have had this much belief in myself that I can improve in this game.
Name: Jose Gabriel D. Sumanguid
School: Jose Rizal University
Address: Manila
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Manuel Sumanguid Sr. (grandfather)
Quote: I am very happy to be here. This experience has helped me improve my skills and reach my basketball dreams. My favorite parts of the clinic were the dribbling and passing drills because those are my strengths but this training has improved it even more. I dream to be a better player and to be able to give my school a championship and to play professionally someday. My family has been very supportive, especially my Lolo who has been the prime reason and inspiration why I played basketball. Their support has given me strength to push myself and be the best in every game. I now have a lot of new friends and words are not enough for me to say how much I am happy to be here.
Name: Noel Q. Villaceran
School: Saint Alpheus Catholic School
Age: 12
Parents/guardians: Ervin Villaceran (brother)
Quote:This experience has been very fun, meeting new friends and training under great players and coaches. I am very thankful for my Kuya (elder brother) because he pushed me to play basketball and he has supported me in every step that I make in the basketball court. My parents too have been very helpful, they told me to give my best and to always be humble. It has really been a great privilege, training and playing under great teachers such as Coach Ronnie, they have helped me improve my shooting skills. My being here was really unexpected because I am one of the smallest of the participants but when I was chosen, my family and especially me, were very surprised and happy. Since then I have played almost everyday to prepare myself for this clinic. This has been a great privilege and I am very thankful to everyone for making this experience very memorable.
Brother quote: We were very happy that Noel got onto the top 40 because we really did not expect it because of his size. Compared to the other participants, he was one of the smallest who tried out. Built when he got in, our parents and I were so proud. Back home, we encouraged him to practice every day, eat well, take his vitamins and get enough rest even though he was already practicing almost every day with his varsity team. We also showed him that we were there to support him and help him in any way so that he can at least have a taste of his dreams. This clinic has been a great learning experience for me because I am also a coach for our barangay basketball team, so I get tips on how to do drills and how o organize a training camp like this. This is a once in a lifetime experience for me and my brother so we are really enjoying it and if ever Noel gets picked for the top 6, that will really be unexpected and a dream come true.
Name: Patrick Nigel T. Go
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Pamela T. Go
Quote: I was pushed to play the hardest basketball I ever did and it was all worthwhile. Playing with other kids your age who share the same passion with you and being taught the skills and discipline one would not find elsewhere, was truly worth all the sweat. All my expectations were surpassed. I did not imagine a camp as good as this would be free of any charge.
Name: Raul Dominic Antigua
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Ariel Araw-Araw (relative)
Quote: It was really fun! You got to travel, had your uniforms and shoes provided, had yourself a hotel room, own a service shuttle and even get a scenic tour of the place were we basketball stars or not?! Plus you had the best coaches to teach you! It was the closest thing to my dream of being a basketball star; I would not exchange it for anything else.
Name: Gideon Ira Babilonia
School: San Beda College
Address: Antipolo City
Age: 13
Quote: I learned a lot especially when I was taught post moves by no other than Coach Benjie Paras The Tower of Power of the PBA and low-post defense by Coach Jerry Codiera the Defense Minister. These players played with my late father in the professional league and being trained by these awesome mentors really made me feel I was closer to my dad.
Name: Thaddeus Dominique Ballada
School: De La Salle Canlubang
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Win (father), Susan (mother), Jake (brother), Therese (sister)
Quote:To be chosen as one of the top 20 players in Manila was very memorable for me. It brought me closer in fulfilling my dreamto be an RP youth member. If I become one of the top 6 players at the end of this training program, I would have an edge when I apply for our national basketball team thats why to prepare for the Jr. NBA camp, I intensified my training.
Training under the Jr. NBA program taught me the basics which for me were really important. Trainings with the coaches focused in enhancing my basic basketball skills which are of course the foundation of a good athlete. Besides skills, the training program also focused on improving the athletes attitude towards the game and towards ones teammates. For me, these are important things overlooked by some athletes. Humility, composure and confidence derived from the Jr. NBA trainings improved not just how i perform while on court but also my interaction with other people outside games. I got to make more friends because of the camp and with my newly made friends; I learned a lot more about the meaning of teamwork.
Parent quote: Judes school is a provincial school and the school was not invited to join the coachs clinic. As far as I know, if the coach was not invited at the coachs clinic, theres no way for Jude to be part of the regional camp. So what I did was to search the internet to know the venue of the open clinic. We had to call SM Marikina to know the schedule. In fact we had to cancel our trip to a resort, just so he could join the clinic. So we really took the effort to bring him there. Its good that Coach Jolly (Escobar) was very hospitable to the idea that we could join even if Judes school did not take part in the coaches clinic. He said, Let [Jude] join the clinic. So we did.
To be very candid about it, after the junior camps, his confidence really soared. We tell him, Anak (Son) based on your age level, 14 years old; youre one of the better guys. You should do well because if you end up being one of the top 6, by next year which is this year, youd have a fighting chance to be part of the RP youth. Thats how much we believe in the program.
We are really proud of his achievements. We told him that the reason why we encourage him to join basketball is because we believe that basketball can imitate life itself. He has to prepare, has to have the right discipline and has to devote time to the game. We see that hes now more willing to do what it takes to be who he wants to be in life. His skill and behavioral improvements manifest more and more after he joined Jr. NBA program. More than anything else, its the confidence hes getting out of the camp training. Like I said, basketball imitates life. In everything that youd do if you have the confidence and you prepare for it and you believe you can do it, it would be a self fulfilling prophecyand Jr. NBA plays a very huge role in pushing forward my sons realization of his dreams.
Name: Russell ONeal U. Fernandez
School: San Beda College
Address: Galas, Quezon City
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: JV (father), Cynthia (mother), Crsitine. Jerome (siblings)
Quote: My preparations for the Jr. NBA camp were a family activity. Every morning my parents and I go to Luneta to jog and do some conditioning exercises. During weekdays, I do shooting exercises at school.
Jr. NBA changed my attitude for the better. Through the program I learned the values of teamwork, sportsmanshipS.T.A.R., I learned it all here. Also, the program developed and improved my basic basketball skills which are very helpful for me to keep up with my good performance in games. Programs such as Jr. NBA are great because it reaches out to children to dream bigit makes the big dreams seem more real.
Name: Reynald Paul M. Magsalin
School: San Beda College
Address: Morong, Rizal
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Jocelyn Magsalin (mother)
Quote: To prepare for the Jr. NBA program, I trained harder and asked God for assistance. I was lazy before. I didnt like running or any other drills that come with training, but after I got into Jr. NBA I changed. I became more hard working and my game matured. Before I was like a kid who just happens to know how to play basketball, but after Jr. NBA I matured as an athlete. I was more focused with my trainings and in my game. My attitude was redirected into being more focused in not just my game even, but also with everything that I have to face in life.
We learn from the coaches not just as a result of the drills were made to do to improve our skills but also with how they hone our attitudes into not just being mere basketball players but into being serious athletes. They taught us to take everything seriously, especially trainings which turned me into this more hardworking version of me now. Here in the Jr. NBA program we dont just learn from our coaches. We also learn from each otherour teammates and co-athletes.
Because Jr. NBA is an international program, our chances of reaching our dreams increases. The program doesnt just train us into becoming the best athletes we can be but also it gives us the opportunity to put into practice everything weve learned.
Name: Miguel Javier D. Palaa
School: PAREF Northfield School for Boys
Address: Quezon City
Age: 14
Quote: The competition is very tough, but I dont pinpoint any one as a certain competitor. Were all the same age group. I just have to strive harder and harder to get the spot.
Ive been to other camps before, even some interschool competitions. But this camp is really better, and even more fun. Ive definitely improved, my skills got sharper. Hopefully I make it until the Top 6.
Name: Emilio Puno
School: Ateneo de Manila University
Address: Pasig City
Age: 13
Quote: Jr. NBA is challenging because through it I realized there are several other good players out there. With this, Im encouraged to practice harder and to keep on doing my best with the drills, the games, etc and just wait what the coach would think of it. The games are my favorite part of the program, it isnt just fun but also I get to compare myself with good players and from there think of better ways to improve my performance.
Jr. NBA is a big thing. It has a big name. When people found out I was part of it, people had high expectations. This can open doors for me to be a really good basketball player as well as an opportunity to be famous as well. So far, if I look back on how I was before Jr. NBA and compare it to me now, I realized I am more hard working and determined. My exposure to other talented players as well as with the coaches who handled us served as a standard for me. I am determined to keep up with that level.
Jr. NBA also taught me to be more independent, which is something my parents want me to learn as well. So it didnt just improve my skills in basketball but generally, also in how I face life.
Such a program is good for the country because with a worldwide name entering the sports landscape in the country, people would eventually pay more attention to our athletes and the country would be served it due recognition since we do have talented athletes in the country as well.
Name: Lucky Q. Suan
School: University of Visayas
Age: 14
Quote: Trainings in school prepared me for the Jr. NBA camp. But I also trained at home after finding out Id be part of the program.
I learned about the program through posters and upon seeing the ads, I immediately said to myself, Id try to join. I really wanted to join so I asked our coachs help.
Jr. NBA is truly an experience. For one, its my first time to go Manila and I am very happy to have gone her for such reasonsto be part of this prestigious basketball clinic. I was very shy before but because of this program my confidence was built and so far, the camp provided me many new friends through my co-Jr. NBA campers.
As part of the program, I slowly realized how much Ive grown. I see myself doing things I never really have done or thought of being able to do, such as being part of a world-renowned basketball associations teen clinic. Im not as shy anymore. Jr. NBA gave me the confidence I knew I needed.
When I found out Id be a Jr. NBA camper, I was so happy. My friends and family were so happy for me too. I promised them and myself Id do my best. In fact, it is JR NBA which made me realize my potential. Since JR NBA has such high standards, making the cut made me stop and think. I passed! That would mean Im a great player. I used to just be benched during games but now Im one of the first five and my teammates depend on me. I used to just do rebounds, for example, but because of the training provided by the coaches, my team can expect more from me.
Parent Quote: Lucky prepared hard for the program. He trained twice as much after being picked for the nationals. We saw that his being part of the Jr. NBA program really did him good because he got more in touch with his athletic dreams. His game and his outlook about the game was improved in such a way that he was more perseverance and motivated to enhance his talent.
Programs such as Jr. NBA is good for kids like my son because not only does it provide extra assistance for kids to hone their skills as basketball players, but also, the program also assists in the individual growth of the kids. If Lucky gets chosen as one of the top 6 campers, it would be a really huge help in the realization of his dream to travel and play basketball professionally here in the Philippines or even internationally.
Name: Shaquille Oswald M. Alanes
School: St. Jude College - Cavite
Address: Dasmarias, Cavite
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Peter Alanes (father), Luz Alanes (mother), Althea (sister)
Quote:I like Coach Frank. Hes very professional. I also like him because unlike other coaches Ive been with, he taught us the importance of morals. Some coaches just focus on the game, the fundamentals, the execution. But Coach Frank gives us more than that, and Im grateful for it. I know basketball is not just about the game. It is life.
Parent quote: We knew right from the start that Shaq was made for basketball, that is why we agreed to name him after our favorite player Shaquille ONeal, then of the Orlando Magic. I played a lot during college in La Salle Cavite and was fortunately sent to Brunei to represent RCBC Company in the inter-commercial league. But we all knew that Shaq would be better than me. Every member of the family helped in Shaquilles preparation for this camp. I jogged with my son and did some calisthenics with him and our weekend fun basketball game turned into regular drills and endurance training. My wife saw to it that Shaq was eating a balanced diet with each meal and even we were affected by the healthy menu. His younger sister helped out with ball passing during plays. His school also helped out by asking his PE teacher to focus on him more. His classmates, the faculty and administration cut out the news papers and online sites that mentioned his name and posted them in the schools bulletin board. We would all be proud if he will be picked, but if not, we would still be thanking this program from the bottom of our hearts.
Name: Ray Daniel A. Abbu
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Giegie Abbu (mother), Jomar Canutay, Jeff Tumulak (relatives)
Quote: I prayed a lot, conditioned my body, and jogged around during my preparation for the Jr. NBA event.
I have been a varsity player since I was in third grade. Ive been waiting for a chance like this all my life. Now Im so close to reaching my dream.
I really like how Jr. NBA organized this training camp. It really improved me, my skills, and my outlook about basketball and even in life. Ive become very positive because of the camp.
Name: Venezer Ian P. Benzig
School: New Ormoc City National High School
Age: 14
Quote: Im really grateful for the Jr. NBA. They brought us great coaches. Im very happy that theyre really dedicated and committed to teaching us about basketball. Theyre really dedicated to Jr. NBA. It has made all of us better players. Now we know basketball is not just about playing, it is about making friends, learning respect and playing as a team.
Name: Justin Jay Karl V. Dela Cruz
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Jay dela Cruz (father)
Quote: I dont see much of a difference between the Manila and Cebu teams. Basketball is still basketball wherever you go. The fun thing about it is that I get to play with so many good players. It improves my game a lot. Its a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you Jr. NBA!
Parent Quote: This would be his time to shine. He has always been compared to his older brother because his brother made it to the RP Youth Team under- 16 cut off. They also played the same position in their team in Sacred Heart School, and though he has more potential height-wise and endurance-wise, he was always being outshone by his brother. That was because he only started playing basketball last year, a real late bloomer, I might say.
But with this Jr. NBA, his brother was cut because of the age limit and I could really feel that Justin has used their friendly rivalry to better himself and do everything he can. The brothers always tease each other, but I know that they also draw strength and inspiration from each other. I am really proud of how basketball is drawing both of them closer to each other. Chosen or not, this experience will change him more than anything.
Name: Jomari Jericho G. Dinsay
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Vittorio Joseph Dinsay (father)
Quote: For me, its amazing to get to Manila, and even play in a gym like this. We used to play in a gym with asphalt floors. This is a real privilege for us. if I become part of the top 6, Ill immediately pray and give thanks. I know He guided me and helped me get the position, as He helped me get into the Top 40. We have such talented coaches, especially Coach Frank. They teach us so many things, give us so many insights. These things happening now only used to happen in my dreams. If I could have a one-on-one session with Coach Frank, Ill ask him how he got to that point in his career. I look up to him very much.
Name: Dominic C. Domalanta
School: Casa del Nio Montessori School
Address: San Mariano, Isabela
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Vittorio Joseph Dinsay (father)
Quote: I like how I can play my game and still make so many new friends. Im very comfortable with the other kids. We dont have any problems with each other. My roommates and I always challenge each other. We try to outdo each other, but we have so much fun doing it. The Jr. NBA teaches us a lot of new things and also lets us have fun.
Name: Mark Lawrence Z. Gamboa
School: Ateneo de Manila University
Address: Quezon City
Age: 13
Quote: Ive trained hard before but the Jr. NBA camp is different. Maybe not in terms of the difficulty, but in terms of the things we do the drills. Its a good experience for me.
The competition is very tough. We are 40 people, the best of the best in the Philippines in our age group. Theyre all good.
I dont know how good my chances are to get into the top 6. I mean, I did what I had to do yesterday, I did what I had to do today, but I wont stop. Ive yet to show everything that I can do.
Name: Izak Kiefer L. Lim
School: Sacred Heart School Jesuits
Age: 13
Quote: Im feeling great. Ive learned so much from the camp, and this is just for three days. I love the fast-paced execution of every drill. I feel my adrenaline carrying me through every drill. Even though Im tired after every activity, I really enjoy it. I love the Jr. NBA and hope that other kids can experience it too!
Name: Joseph Bryan R. Operario
School: Quezon City Science High School
Address: Quezon City
Age: 15
Parents/guardians: Mina, Giselle, Brixter, Joey (family)
Quote: Im surely going to jump for joy if I get in. I know its really tough to get through everything. This is just the second year of the Jr. NBA, and I want to be part of it. I want to be immortalized. I was playing since I could, and it would be a dream come true if I get in.
Name: Roelandt John R. Gallardo
School: Ateneo de Manila University
Address: Quezon City
Age: 14
Quote: What really helped me is my praying habits before I went into the Jr. NBA camp. I was always going to the church asking for guidance. But of course I had to train really hard and ask my dad who was also a basketball player for tips in playing real basketball.
Jr. NBA has helped me gain confidence in my play. It also taught me to be independent. It made me realize that I can actually have bigger dreams and that I can keep on reaching them. Ive got nothing to lose anyway.
Im really happy just thinking that I was given this big chance. Im so excited but of course, Im nervous at the same time.
My chances of getting into the top 6 is 6 out of 10.
I want to play in the professional basketball leagues in the Philippines some day, then have a family afterwards and own a business. And my NBA dream? I would be very awed if I could just watch one live game.
If I get to the top 6, the first thing Ill do is to go back to the church where Ive prayed and give thanks.
Name: Neil Brian A. Ilarde
School: Muntinlupa Science High School
Address: San Pedro, Laguna
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Cecilla Illarde (mother)
Quote: I did a whole lot of practice for the Jr. NBA. I know I had to impress the coaches not just with my height but also with my skills.
Im following all the rules, the tips, everything theyre teaching us. Along with it, I really work hard. I show them how I play because I know I should impress them for me to get to the top 6.
My family, especially my dad, encourages me to do my best in Jr. NBA.
I give myself a 7 out of 10 in my skills. But I only give 5 in my chances of being chosen because the competition is tight. There are really good players here.
Basketball is really important for me. Its not just a simple game.
After I got into the Jr. NBA, I developed more love for basketball. I think Jr. NBA is a really great program where I can learn, improve, practice and get myself into a better shape. It also helps all of us to be better persons.
Parent quote: Hes a hard worker. He practices in school every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
I am really happy that my son was among the top 20 players in Manila. I am really proud of him and this is such a big thing for us.
Since he was a kid, he had this interest for basketball. When he was just in Grade 6, he was able to play at the Palarong Pambansa in General Santos City.
I try to get to their practices and tryouts. I tell him to try everything that he can in basketball because weve got nothing to lose.
Jr. NBA is a great program because it gives good training, the kids are enjoying themselves while enhancing their skills.
Name: Jomarie Martin C. Gairanod
School: First Baptist Church Christian School
Coach: Arnel Daguman
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Al Jose B. Gairanod (father), Mary Ann C. Gairanod (mother)
Quote: I was excited and nervous because the other players have great basketball skills. Im giving everything for this program to let them know that I am determined and that Ill do what it takes to get chosen.
For Jr. NBA, I practiced with my father. My dad has been my willing coach and hes always there to support me and go with me to the tryouts and trainings. Jr. NBA is great.
Im not so sure about my chances of being chosen as one of the top 6. Everyone seems to be really great players.
I would tell those who were not chosen that there are still other chances for them. There is another Jr. NBA next year, just be disciplined and determined.
Parent quote: His father supports him in his love for basketball. Before Jr. NBA, he would jog and practice with his father. Before, his coach would train him but since he needs a more intensive one, his father decided to conduct the hands-on training for him.
He wasnt actually meant to join the event. He was just accompanying his friend who really wanted to join. They both got through but then his friend got injured on one of their Saturday practice and unfortunately was not able to perform since.
We give him all the support we can give even my Mom would tell him to do his best. His Dad would tell him that its not the height that matters. Its all about the heart of the game and the determination to do his best.
Hes very determined in playing basketball. Sometimes, he would wake his dad up to initiate with the training. He really wanted to go and was really excited to be here.
Jr. NBA is a great opportunity for the kids. Their skills are enhanced, they know more things about basketball, they get stronger and more disciplined. Im really proud of my son. Who wouldnt be? Thanks, Jr. NBA for the experience.
Name: Niko G. Nemeo
School: Don Bosco Technical College Cebu
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Godofredo (father) & Ma. Teresa Nemeo (mother)
Quote: I worked hard for Jr. NBA and I had more expectations in how I play the game after I was chosen at the regional selection camp in Cebu.
Before, basketball was just a hobby for me. But since I was given the opportunity for this, basketball has already become my dream.
I was really happy when I was given the chance to go to Manila for a basketball training. Its a big help in developing my skills and my health.
I am nervous about my chances of being chosen because the other players are a lot bigger than me.
I give my skills a rating of 7 out of 10. My chances of getting in the top 6 would be a 5.
But if I get in, the first thing that Ill do is to ask my parents if I can go.
I would tell those who were not given this kind of training that they should not lose hope and that they should practice more
Parent quote: He went into more extensive training for the Jr. NBA. His position as a point guard was given focus to improve the skills that he needs for the position.
I was really proud when I found out that my son is one of the best players in Cebu. I am always with him whenever he has tryouts to make him know that I am here to support him.
He is really a determined player, he never misses practice sessions.
Jr. NBA increased his potential of being a good player. The intensive training on individual players is great in improving their skills. Hes sure to apply what hed learned in this camp.
Name: Mhike Spencer P. Patalinghug
School: Babag Elementary School
Age: 12
Parents/guardians: Michael Patalinghug (father)
Quote: Jr. NBA is really fun, Im really happy to be here.
Before Jr. NBA, I did drills and exercises to improve my shooting skills. I also jogged every morning.
I was really happy when they announced that I was among the top 20 players in Cebu. I did not expect it because I was the smallest (44) among all those who participated in the event. But now Im not so sure if Im going to be in the top 6 because a lot of them are really good players.
Im confident about my skills. Actually, I was nervous before I got to Manila because I thought that the other participants are amazing players.
My father is my biggest supporter. He goes with me to the competitions, tells me what I have to do especially when he sees something wrong in my attitude and the way I play the game.
I see basketball as a career and Jr. NBA is a big stepping stone for me. I play basketball for my family. I have a dream for them and for myself.
I want to be a part of the PBA. Be one of the well-known point guards such as Johnny Abbarientos.
If I get to be in the top 6, I would definitely thank God first, then the coaches especially my favorite, Coach Cabahug.
I would tell those who were not given this kind of training that they should not lose hope and that they should practice more
Parent quote:My son is really eager to play basketball. He started his interest in playing the game when he was still in Grade 3.
I think Jr. NBA is such a big opportunity for players in the Philippines especially for those who are small like my son. The program improved his skills and his attitude as a player.
The training here in Manila is so much better and a lot harder than what weve seen in Cebu. Coach Frank is such a great teacher.
Im not so sure about my sons chances of getting into the top 6. Well see. Anything can happen.
Name: Jose Marlo Pono
School: Don Bosco College Cebu
Age: 12
Parents/guardians: Joselito (father) & Berwyn (mother) Pono
Quote: I worked on my body strength for the Jr. NBA. I would normally go up and down a building from first to fifth floors in order to exercise my legs. That is beside the training that I get in school and the shooting exercises that I do at home.
I get a lot of advises from my coaches and my father.
I am really happy just for the experience of being here. It also feels great that I get to know more competitive players that I havent played with before.
Before, I used to play soccer but when I discovered basketball, I realized my body is more comfortable with it.
Hopefully, I get to the top 6. I would actually rate myself an 8 out of 10 in terms of my chances of being chosen. But if I dont, I still hope that I can play in the professional leagues in the future.
I was nervous before because I thought that players from Manila have a big advantage over us. Theyre not so good after all.
I think Jr. NBA provides us with great training not just in the physical sense but also in the mental aspect.
Awards: Member of the Jr. NBA Philippine Team
Name: Aldrin C. Fegidero
School: Pasay City South High School
Address: Villamor Air Base, Pasay City
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Antonio, Geraldine, May, Eveline (family)
Quote: I was really surprised when I got chosen because I didn't really expect it. There were a lot of other good players so I thought I was not part of it. But when I was called, I was so overwhelmed that I cried. Now I feel very happy and excited to represent the Philippines.
Both my parents and my whole family helped me to prepare. But it was really my mom who did all the work, taking care of my papers and encouraging me to do well in every drill and every game. I really saw how much they wanted me to enjoy myself, that is why I am offering this win to both my parents.
When I get to New York, I'll take a lot of pictures and I hope to get the chance to tour around the city and meet a lot of people. I wish I could take the whole family with me so that I can share this experience with them.
To prepare for the New York trip, I will practice everyday and I will apply all the things that I learned in this clinic.
Because of this camp, I learned that basketball is not just a simple game. It is a game that means heart and hard work. Those two things can really help you reach your dreams.
I want to tell my teammates to practice more and at the end of every day, we must really think about what we did wrong so we can improve on them the next day. For the Jr. NBA, I hope they continue to give these kinds of opportunities to other kids.
Parent quote: When we found out that Aldrin was picked, we screamed because we were really taken by surprise. It was really unexpected. We are so proud of him because playing basketball is really his dream and it is a great privilege to see him play with other players from Manila and Cebu.
We supported him by just encouraging him to do his best and we always took the time to visit him here at the JRU Gym during the camp because we know that it gives him courage to see us. He always surprises us because he is always the last one to be called. In Marikina, in the Regional Finals, he was the 19th player to be called for the top 20. And now in the finals, he was the 6th man called for the top 6. As long as he got in, as long as he knows that we are just here for him, we are happy.
Awards: Member of the Jr. NBA Philippine Team
Name: Adrian Marvin Roland Muller
School:Sacred Heart School
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Pamela Go, Gracielle Araw-Araw (relatives)
Quote: During the camp, I learned to work hard then go even further to reach my goals.
It feels nice to be selected from a group of 300, then 40, then 20 and finally becoming part of the final 6. I enjoyed my experience so much and the hard work was worth it.
I think my parents will be so proud of me, even when they're far away in Switzerland. They kept reminding me not to underestimate myself and just work hard. They never thought I would make it this far but I did. I think I did well.
The first thing I will do in New York is to continue working hard on my skills and practice but I'll spare time to make new friends there as well. Right now, all I can think of is calling my parents to tell them the good news.
Awards: Member of the Jr. NBA Philippine Team
Name: Arc Gabrielle Araw-Araw
School:Sacred Heart School Jesuits
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Ariel Araw-Araw (father), Grace Araw-Araw(mother), Gracielle Araw-Araw (sister), Nio Araw-Araw (brother)
Quote: I am very happy. I can't find words to express how I'm feeling. To be picked as one of the top 6 campers was something unexpected.
When I go to the US I know that the kids will be taller but I'm excited to play ball with kids my age there.
The Jr. NBA program really boosts the confidence and morale of young players like me.
As one of the members of the Jr. NBA RP team, I'll be practicing more, but more importantly, Ill strive to live up to the STAR qualities taught to us. I am proud of myself now and I'll be sharing this experience with my friends.
Parent quote: You should have seen him. He cried when his name was called. This is a very big challenge for him. For him to be chosen as one of the top 20 from 200 in the Regionals and furthermore, for him to be chosen as one of the top 20 among the forty in the national camp, it's a great honor. It's a greater achievement for him to be chosen as one of the top 6 because of all those screenings he had to pass.
This program would definitely encourage him to excel more in sports and in his studies.
Awards: Rising Star Award Presented by Basketball TV
Name: Carlos Nicolo Mercado
School: San Beda College
Address: Makati City
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Ariel Araw-Araw (father), Grace Araw-Araw(mother), Gracielle Araw-Araw (sister), Nio Araw-Araw (brother)
Quote: I feel much better now than before. My skills have greatly improved, thanks to this camp. I dont think I have a particular competition herewe all have different positions that were good at.
If I get in, Ill thank my competitors first. They got me in tip-top position, pushing me to do better every time.
We really have great coaches here. Coach Frank really covers us well: dribbling, stamina, shooting, pacing, and the works.
Hopefully, Ill be given the chance to get with the 6 players wholl go to the US. If I dont get in, Ill still work on my game. Ill continue what Ive started so that Ill get closer to my dream.
Awards: Member of the Jr. NBA Philippine Team
Name: Jose Carlos P. Escalambre
School: Casa del Nio Montessori School
Address: Iligan City, Isabela
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Jomarie Escalambre (father), Jay Escalambre (uncle), Joeboy Escalambre (brother), Shane Escalambre (nephew)
Quote: I did not expect that I will be chosen as one of the top 6 players. I was comfortable about my skills and I really gave my all but I didn't want to be overconfident that I would be chosen.
Now, its a dream come true. I really want to meet Kobe Bryant when I go to New York. He's my idol and it would be nice if I could talk to him and ask for tips on how to play basketball.
The whole Jr. NBA experience was really fun. I learned a lot and I met new friends. Jr. NBA is definitely a 10!
Im from Isabela and its a long, 10-hour ride to Manila. But its all worth it. When my friends in Isabela found out that I got into the clinic, they were all happy for me, and I know that they will really proud of me when they find out that I got into the top 6.
My coach Paolo Rivero taught me a lot about basketball. He teaches me different things on how to improve my game and is always encouraging me to do my best.
I never expected a big opportunity like this -- going to New York for the NBA. I had NBA dreams before; this one definitely takes me one step closer to that dream.
Parents quote: Mom: I was really nervous when they were calling out the names of those who will be in the top 6. So you can imagine how really happy I was when I heard my son's name.
I don't have any regrets with getting my son to join the Jr. NBA, traveling all the way to Manila, having to leave Isabela at night so we could get here by morning. He was actually the one who was really eager to join; now I understand why. (Mom cries) I remember him telling me that he doesn't care if he wins or not. All he wants is the exposure and the experience.
I don't think his winning will change his attitude. He's not arrogant even though he excels. We still treat him the same way in the house, I still ask him to do chores, run errands, etc. The first thing we'll do as a form of celebration is go to church and pray.
I asked for a sign from God just this morning. Last night, we didn't have the means to go to Manila. Our car broke down and there were a lot of hassles. I asked God that if Carlo would be chosen, He should let us go to Manila so we could offer him our support. At the last minute, we were able to go! That was our sign.
Father: We are really supportive of Carlos love for basketball. We don't mind the 10-hour drive from Isabela to Manila. We are so thankful to the Lord that he got chosen. My wife is a faithful devotee of St. Claire. Ever since he was in elementary, when he played for Palarong Pambansa and NBA Madness, we do our part in supporting him by praying for him.
When he was a kid, he told me that what he really wants is to play for the NBA. Now his brother teases him, "O ayan nasa NBA ka na, junior nga lang." (There, now youre in the NBA. But, just the Junior one.)
Everywhere he goes, he's always dribbling and dribbling his basketball, even inside the house. He actually hugs a ball while he sleeps. That's how addicted he is.
We always offer him moral support. His mom prays for him, I carry his bags.
Awards: Member of the Jr. NBA Philippine Team
Name: Michael Jay Javelosa
School: Ateneo de Manila University
Address: Quezon City
Age: 13
Parents/guardians: Julio J. Javelosa
Quote: I never expected this that I will be selected. I kind of joke around the camp, trying to appear as if the whole thing was just cool with me, so that if I would not be chosen it would be alright. But seriously, I worked hard, probably the hardest I ever did in my playing basketball since I was in elementary. I could not say that it was not because of the pressure to do well against other players my age but because it was more of a personal challenge -- that I knew I would hate myself if I would not give it everything I got. By the second day, my legs suffered cramps, particularly the left leg. I could not walk for about an hour. My dad asked me if I wanted to drop out but I insisted that I wanted to keep on playing. I wanted to prove to myself that I could push myself to the limits. Even if I were not chosen, the experience would have been complete for me. But the Jr. NBA changed my life in a way I never thought a game like basketball would.
Parents quote: I did not know what to say when his name was mentioned. I just saw him look at me as if saying Dad, I did it; this is for all of us. And behind that childish smile of his I knew how this camp changed his attitude and determination to exceed his limits. I was worried the other day; I just could not let him see it, but yesterday when he suffered cramps and the medical team brought a stretcher in, I felt weak in the knees. But I know it was all part of his basketball experience and I knew that he grew because of it. Thanks, Jr. NBA.
Awards: High Scorer Award Presented by Gatorade
Name: Bradley Bacaltos
School: San Carlos University
Age: 14
Parents/guardians: Edwin Bacaltos (father)
Quote: I went into everyday practice and jogging after the selection camp in Cebu. I also ate a lot of food for me to gain weight because I noticed that a lot of players are stockier.
I am really happy when I was chosen as one of the 20 best players in Cebu. Ive always played hard and will continue to do so to show the coaches that Im a good player.
I would rate my chances of getting into the top 6 a mere 6 (rating 1-10). The guys Im playing with are really big.
But if I get chosen, the first thing Ill do is to pray.
Jr. NBA is a great program and it definitely shows me that basketball is not just a game.
To those who were not given this chance, I say that they should practice more, trust themselves and have enough confidence to be in the game.
Parents quote: Since Grade 2 my son has been a fan of basketball. But now that hes in Jr. NBA, hes got more love and more discipline for the game. After he got chosen in Cebu, he started sleeping earlier and eating healthier foods. He also went into everyday training to improve his basketball skills and agility.
I was so happy when he was chosen because he was the only one who got in from their school. I try to challenge him for him to have the drive, and I tell him to just do good in the camp.
I can see that he really loves basketball. Jr. NBA is a good training venue for the kids who want to enhance their skills. The accommodations are good as well.
Mark has changed a lot after Jr. NBA. He knows more techniques now and I think he is a lot better as a player than he was before.
Awards: Member of the Jr. NBA Philippine Team
Most Valuable Player Award Presented by Hi-Smart
Name: Mark Jayven Tallo
School: Cebu Institute of Technology
Address: Cebu City Age: (Just turned) 15
Parents/guardians: Mark Anthony (father) & Dolly Tallo (father), Jill Rachel, Justin, Yamog and Jojo Dinsay (relatives)
Quote: Im very, very, EXTREMELY happy! I cant even begin to describe what Im feeling. Im just sohappy! This is wonderfulI feel like Im in heaven!
Being part of the Jr. NBA Philippine Team is a huge deal for me. I really thank Jr. NBA for giving me this chancenot just me, even the other five. No, all the 40 kids! At our age, our dreams are so big and feel so far away, but Jr. NBA found a way to get us closer to realizing our potentials and dreams. This is my first time to join, and its great that Im flying to New York!
Aside from all the skills I got from camp, I think the best thing that I learned from it is respect. Its different when youre on court than when youre off court. I learned how to be with many people with different backgrounds. I have a lot of new friends now, its great.
Ill continue to train and practice with my dad. I wont stop giving it my all. I love this game, and Ill give it all I got.
I want to thank all the coaches, the NBA, the kids, and my family for all the support they gave me.
Parents quote: Were very, very happy for Mark. All the practice, all the sacrifice, everything reaped great rewards. He really gave his everything. Its a great privilege and honor to be here. Were glad that the NBA made room for Filipino kids.
Mark has always been in tournaments and leagues, thats why we were very confident that hell be part of the Top 6. But nothing beats hearing his name being called.
Basketball is our legacy. His older brother is also into basketball. I coach both of them and encourage them to take their dreams higher.
The coaches here are amazing. I have nothing else to say but good things about them. They teach the kids very well. Coming all the way to Manila was really worth it. It was great to see the big support coming from all sides. There was Coach Frank, (PBA) Commissioner Barrios, and even US Ambassador Kenney! Jr. NBA is overwhelming.
For us, the U.S. trip is not the prize. Its the experience of Jr. NBA. The thrill for our child to be chosen from a pool of 320 kids, down to 40, down to 20, then finally just six. Its such an achievement, such an accomplishment. Thats what we think is important.
December 1st, 2008Parents
Names: Shaquille, Peter (father), Luz (mother), Althea (sister)
Quote (Peter): We travelled for more than an hour only expecting to provide support for Shaquille after we saw the Jr. NBA announcement on TV. But upon getting here, we really had the urge to try the games ourselves. This was really worthwhile for the whole family and we stayed until the event finished. I myself enjoyed the open clinic as the basics of playing basket ball were taught. I really saw parents trying to teach their kids who were too young to participate by imitating Coaches Ronnie Magsanoc and Jolly Escobar. Learning and fun plus prizes and all for free ' we really had a great time. Thanks to Jr. NBA!
December 8th, 2008Parents
Names: Kyle and Kier with their Dad, Marty B. Villanueva
Quote (Marty): I'm very optimistic and happy that a lot of skills and techniques are taught in Jr. NBA Philippines. A big thanks to the people behind this event which really spreads the fun and learning that playing basketball brings.
Names: John Paulo with Mom (Maria Dolores A. Lape'a) and sister
Quote (Maria Dolores A. Lape'a): Me and John's dad as well as his little sister all support him in his dream of becoming a good basketball player. Jr. NBA is a great way to hone his skills and techniques but most importantly, to instill to him the values of the sport like friendship, camaraderie, teamwork and determination. This clinic will improve his personality as a whole in a lot of ways. I thank Jr. NBA and I know all of us here who attended and witnessed the Clinic will agree that this is clinic is the best.