Utah Jazz
301 W. South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 325-2500

For all Jazz-related questions, please call (801) 325-2500, and you will be directed to the appropriate person. Thank you.

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Staff Directory

Executive Office

Owner, Jazz Basketball Investors
Gail Miller
President, Larry H. Miller Management Corporation
Clark Whitworth
President, Miller Sports Properties
Steve Starks
Executive Assistant, Miller Sports Properties
Nicole Jones
Chief Operation Officer, Miller Sports Properties
Jim Olson
Chief Revenue Officer, Miller Sports Properties
Don Stirling
Chief Marketing Officer
Craig Sanders
Administrative Assistant, Miller Sports Properties
Tiffany Watkins
President, Utah Jazz
Randy Rigby
General Counsel
Sam Harkness

Basketball Operations

General Manager/Vice President
Dennis Lindsey
Vice President of Player Personnel
Walt Perrin
Assistant General Manager
Justin Zanik
Vice President of Basketball Operations
Linda Luchetti
Vice President of Team Security
Lance Davenport
Basketball Operations Assistant
Cristi Yates-Bailey
Head Coach
Quin Snyder
Assistant Coaches
Brad Jones, Antonio Lang, Alex Jensen, Igor Kokoskov, Johnnie Bryant, Mike Wells
Assistant Coach/Director of Sports Science
Mark McKown
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Isaiah Wright
Assistant Coach/Integrated Player Development
Jeff Watkinson
Assistant Coach of Player Development
Lamar Skeeter
Manager of Basketball Strategy/Technology
Zach Guthrie
Basketball Operations/Coaching Staff Assistant
Steven Schwartz
Head Athletic Trainer
Brian Zettler
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Nick Asay
Equipment Manager/Facility CDTR.
Adam Klauke
Massage Therapist
Doug Birrell
Executive Director of Basketball Operations
Richard Smith
Coordinator of Player Personnel/Programs
Andrae Patterson
Coordinator of Scouting
Bart Taylor
Coordinator of Analytics
Taylor Snarr
Basketball Operations/Scounting Staff Assistant
Andrew Mealey
Director of Pro Player Personnel
David Fredman
International Scout
Rigas Dardalis
Senior Basketball Consultant
Jerry Sloan
Senior Basketball Consultant
Kevin O'Connor
Scouting Consultants
Ryan Lindsey, Dave Hobbs, Bobby Castagna, Joe Meade

Business Operations

Chief Financial Officer
John Larson
Vice President of Finance
Ian McDonald
Vice President of Business Analytics & Reporting
Nathan Kenyon
Sue Wood, Paul Gaerte, Dawn Curtis
Accounting Clerical Staff
Kim Esquibel, Denae Johnson, Cathy Adamson, Macae Hansen, Ben Honstein
Payroll Manager
Amy Gunn
Payroll Staff
Lee Ann Avdiu, Eric Colledge
Broadcast Traffic
Jodi Price
Vice President of Human Resources
Paul Welsh
Human Resources Staff
Chris Carpenter, Mike Jones
Vice President of Information Technology
Aaron Cook
Network Manager
Josh Barney
Network and Security Engineer
Daniel Orcutt
Network and VIOP Administrator
James Goss
Systems Manager
Josh Ziska
Systems Administrator
Fred Riding
Help Desk Manager
David Braithwaite
Help Desk Tech
Randy Lee, Tyler Hardesty, Nathan Feller
Steve Johnson, Andrew Christensen


Senior Vice President of Communications
Frank Zang
Vice President of Communications
Jonathan Rinehart
Director of Community Relations
Patti Balli
Director of Communications and Player Relations
Derek Garduño
Manager of Communications
Caroline Burleson
Corporate Communications Manager
Gina Calvert
Community Relations Assistant
Shannon Wright
Community Relations Assistant
Stephanie Tingey

Corporate Partnerships

Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
Chris Baum
Executive Assistant, Event Coordinator
Kylie Snow
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships & Business Development
Greg Tanner
Vice President, Partner Services & Integration
Michelle Smith
Executive Assistant
Sylvia Carlson
Vice President, Director of Asset & Inventory Management
Marc Lowry
Vice President, Director of Sales
Mike Snarr
Directors of Sales
Brian Devir, John Kimball, Keefe Pulley, Peter Bland, Ted Roberts
Sales Managers
Brian Prutch
Senior Account Executives
Barbara Tharp, Jackson Brown, Kurt Thomas, Matt Lenio, Steve Johnson
Local Sales Manager
Libby Arias
National Sales Manager
Bob Gauld
Account Executives
Andrew Hyde, Brandon Tholen, Brent Petersen, Calvin Close, Jonathan Bosch, Josh Wood, Justin Jonas, Kevin Pigg, Reed Brown, Rob Greener, Ryan O'Connor, Tommy Barrett
Directors, Partner Services & Integration
Keane Horner, Verena Rasmussen
Managers, Partner Services & Integration
Brittani Forbush, Jacob Yospe, Morgan Campbell, Whitney Clift
Coordinators, Partner Services & Integration
Abby Engler, Ashley Kelson, Kristin Hemauer


General Manager Vivint Smart Home Arena
Mark Powell
Vice President Events
Emily Justice
Senior Director of Events
Susan Truman
Events Director
Zane Miller


Senior Vice President of Facilities
Jamie Galileo
Director of Facilities Services
Dan Knight
Facilities Coordinators
Melia Tingey, Cori Dissel
Operation Manager
Dave Goulding
Justin Brunson, Danny Goings, Brian Napaepae, Terence Case, Dennis Horn, Phil Spencer
Custodial Manager
Valeria Knight
Day Custodial Manager
Sherri Defa
Night Custodial Manager
Kathy Peterson
Swing Custodial Manager
Lonnie J. Martin
Maintenance Manager
Nicolae Gavrila
Maintenance Supervisor
Chad Eaton
Technical Services Manager
James Baity
Tech Services Staff
Jeremy Potter, Rob Bell, Nathan Richmond, Sean Smither
Special Projects Engineer
Brad Giles

Food Services

General Manager
Mark Stedman
Food and Beverage Director
Dave Dalton
Executive Chef C.E.C.
Thomas Lynch
Corporate Chef C.E.C.
Thomas Satterfield
Concessions Manager
Serenity Adorno
Senior Concessions Manager
John Gordon
Warehouse Manager
Jack Stahl
Food Services Administrative Assistant
Marcia Bertagnole

Game Operations / Promotions

Vice President of Promotions and Game Operations
Meikle LaHue
Director of Game Operations
Carly Robbins
Promotions/Mascot Assistant
Anthony Johnson
Director of Video Productions and In Game Operations
Shawn Brown
Video Editor/Animator
Brett Stagg
Mark Thomsen
Graphic Designer
Noel Hilden
Video Editor
Malcolm Thorpe
Collin Shepherd

Marketing / Analytics & Research

Senior Vice President of Marketing
Nate Randle
Vice President of Marketing
Brendan Burke
Vice President of Marketing Services
Bart Sharp
Marketing Director - Vivint Smart Home Arena
Rob Nish
Digital Director
Bill Lea
Digital Content Manager
Matt Sanchez
Digital Content Reporter
Hayley Byrnes
Web Developer
Bret Lund
Special Projects Coordinator
Brady Brown
Elaina Pappas
Marketing Manager & Media Specialist
Senior Designer/Art Director
Ben Barnes
Graphic Designers
Brooke Lynch, Kathryn Bedigian, Brady Hackmeister, Bekah Meadows, Brandy Petersen
Matt Payne
Director of CIR
Steve Baxter
Director of CRM Strategy and Analytics
Jared Carlisle
CRM Coordinator
Twila Mulfer

Public Safety

Vice President Public Safety
Jim Bell
Director of Event Security
Bryan Jewkes
Director of Guest Services
Chad Keefer
Manager of Building Security
Kelly Jewkes
Building Security Staff
Jude Jolley, Eric Price, Greg Duncan, Blair Keddington, Blake Tingey, Jon Aaron

Ticket Sales

Sr. Vice President of Tickets, Suites & Clubs
Clay Jensen
Executive Assistant
Michael Bennion
Vice President Ticket Operations
Bobbie Walker
Director of Ticket Operations
Jon Jacobsen
Ticket Operations Manager
Nick Nielson
Box Office Supervisor
Duane Sartori
Vice President Ticket Sales & Services
Rich Muirbrook
Vice President of Premium Seating & VIP Services
Chris Barney
Director of VIP Services
Chris Bailey
VIP Services Managers
Mark Morrell, Lisa Dodd, Cameron Coughlan
VIP Services Coordinator
Elizabeth Smith
Director of Inside Sales
Trevor Haws
Director of Fan Relations & Youth Programs
Colby Zobell
Fan Relations Manager
Amanda Long
Fan Relations Account Executives
Jared Sagers, Matt Polifka, Preston Kelly, Spencer Andreason
Youth Programs Coordinator
Nate Martinez
Youth Programs Account Executive
Jordan Welk
Director of Ticket Sales
Casey Patterson
Ticket Sales Manager
Dustin Dehlin
Ticket Sales Account Executives
Chris Hancuff, Brennan Williams, Caleb Caputo, Doug Schellhase, Dustin Dehlin, Jeff Heaton, Jeremy Ostler, Josh Liddle, Mike Bingham, Mike George, Myles Melendez, Stephen Nord, Brandon Oliver, Spencer Hildebrand, James Chand
Group Sales Coordinator
Courtney Robinson


Vice President of Broadcasting and Operations
Jeremy Castro
Director of Jazz Broadcasting
Travis Henderson
Director of Engineering
Donovan Reece
Jazz Productions
Jeremy Brunner, Ryan Malavolta, Jerry Carter and Paul Garrett
David Locke, Craig Bolerjack, Ron Boone, Matt Harpring
Studio Hosts Radio/Television
Thurl Bailey, Steve Brown, Alema Harrington, Spencer Checketts, Britton Jonhson and Spencer Nelson